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• 10/2/2018

Couldn't figure out this movie

So I remember watching this movie when I was a kid , on vhs, about a tokusatsu like superhero. Its design is like cybercop. It's probably late 90s or early 2000s . The superhero wears a Orange or red suit with a dark visor. Really looks like a cybercop to me. It may also draw similarity with superhuman samurai. The movie is also most likely American although it could have been adapted. Story begins when two space girls come to earth ( I believe one was asian and the other is blonde) met this one dude...he was granted powers and learned to become tht superhero. I remember towards the end he beat the enemy after becoming supercharged with electricity. The superhero seems to be able to fly too. Help me figure this out, it's been bugging me for a while now!!

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• 8/25/2018
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• 8/15/2018

Kaiju Ouji help

Some friends of mine and I made a Kaiju Ouji wiki, and I would like to know if anyone here has a book of Kaiju Ouji or at least some information about it but with sources?
Kaiju Ouji
Kaiju Ouji Tokupedia
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• 7/2/2018

Gridman and Mirrorman now on TOKU!

Tsuburaya's Gridman and Mirrorman are now available for North America on Toku (

Also, Toku has more Ultraman series than Crunchyroll.
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• 5/1/2018

Zubat and Inazuman wikis moving here.

Let's not kid ourselves. There's really not much of a reason for these two shows to have their own wikis.

1. They go weeks or sometimes even months without edits.
2. Inazuman consists of 2 seasons, while Zubat is only 1 show.
3. Should they be moved here, they'd probable get more edits and views, since as it stands, these two shows are no more or less special than other Toei Toku shows. The only claim they seem to have is that they showed up in Kamen Rider's 40th anniversary movie.
4. It wouldn't take much time. There's not even 200 pages between the two wikis.

Kikaider can stay though. That wiki contains enough content to warrant a place amongst our wikis.
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• 11/27/2017

Welcome to Discussions!

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• 4/24/2017

Are KRT, SHTGP and DVS:KR4 canon?

Are Heisei Rider vs. Showa Rider: Kamen Rider Taisen feat. Super Sentai, Super Hero Taisen GP: Kamen Rider 3 and D-Video Special: Kamen Rider 4 canon or non-canon? Because Kamen Rider Den-O should not have been affected by the changes in the timeline. Heisei Rider vs. Showa Rider: Kamen Rider Taisen feat. Super Sentai clearly contradicts the final episode of Kamen Rider 555, and D-Video Special: Kamen Rider 4 does not fully clear up the ambiguous ending of 555's final episode in KRT. If they are canon, then they should immediately be re-confirmed as non-canon.
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• 7/29/2016

Tokusatsu Wikia Website

I see this many list with website. But is there another some missing different website list this list in Tokusatsu Wikia Website or got everything? 


Kamen Rider 



Kaiketsu Zubat


Tomica Hero



Cyborg 009


Pacific Rim



Tiger & Bunny


Sailor Moon

Samurai Flamenco

Pretty Cure
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• 6/14/2015

This is important

You guys should read these Wika posts:
The reason why I posted this is because all of you need to realize that your "hub" is broken and incomplete and you don't need to have the same bureaucrat on every Tokupedia wiki. A hub is about open-minded ideals and earning the trust of the community by having a stronger effort by editing, not by being selfish like you own all of them. If you want to prove you really run them, then do all the work yourselves and make it exclusively for admins if you have that mentality. You have been hated by all the members that tried to "correct" you, because they attacked you for a good reason. And yes, I contacted the Wikia Staff to review your rules. And before accusing me of co-operating with some member from another wiki, I did this all on my own without any assistance from any friend whatsoever.
AnonBaiter out.
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• 2/22/2015

Lists of appearances

Would it be possible for the character templates on the toku wikis,to be edited so that the links to their 'List of appearances' page is optional depending on whether they actually have/need one or not? Because there is a ton of red links on Special:WantedPages for these pages with characters that only appear in one or two episodes when only a fraction of characters have these pages.
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• 2/16/2015

Big Man Japan
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• 2/16/2015

Mega Powers/Mega Powers!!!
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• 12/21/2014

Armor Hero created by whom?

Who are the makers of this show, does anybody know? I mean the actual names, the developers, the company making this. I also read that Jushen ZhanJiDui was made by the same people, is this also true?
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• 9/17/2014

Twitter Discussion

Well as I posted, I'm letting you guys assume control of the Twitter page for now.
What we need is to discuss intervals on how long an admin can use it so we can take turns sharing it for info and talking to people. We could get more done this way as we would be able to get certain objectives done for a wiki.
I've finished my discussion with F.J. Desanto for 009 Wiki for now. So now say, Digifiend could use it to interview Power Rangers actors, writers or producers to get data for that wiki. I've also followed blog and news sites to get details from them. (Also a few popular toku fans and companies.)
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• 9/12/2014

Plagiarism cleanup

I've just realised that several articles added by Ivander.yuanata a couple of months ago were plagiarised from w:c:ultra. Fireman has been fixed - it turns out this one was copied from Wikipedia in the first place, and thus the Wikipedia attribution template was added to the page. I intend to check the rest tomorrow morning, but if anyone feels like making a start, go ahead. If anything is plagiarised, then if it's from Wikipedia, it should be tagged with Template:Wikipedia, and if it's original to Ultra, then it should be deleted and we'll remake it later.
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• 7/30/2014

Viewer Advisory Template

This discussion is for where we should place this template and is an extension of this discussion on KR Wiki.
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• 3/31/2014
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• 3/29/2014

Kaiketsu Zubat

Should the Kaiketsu Zubat page be removed? It has it's own wiki which is part of the Tokupedia Network.
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• 3/28/2014

Front page update

Check articles for article templates and infoboxes. You can find the correct templates in these notable examples:
For episodes- Roboborg (episode)
For Heroes- Ryan Steele
For Arsenal- Dolgrian
For villains- Grimlord
The above text, which appears on the front page, was copied from Metal Heroes Wiki, so all the links are red, it's about time we update that to link to pages on this wiki instead.
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• 3/18/2014

Updating the Tokupedia footer.

We need to update that Tokupedia hub footer at the bottom of the Wiki main pages.

Kamen Rider Wiki: Wizard - Gaim
Kyoryuger - ToQger
Megaforce - Super Megaforce
Tokupedia: Super Hero Taisen Z - Kamen Rider Wiki: Kamen Rider Taisen
The Kikaider Wiki and Wikizilla sections could be updated to reflect their movies this year when they come as well. There are also some Tokupedia Wikis that have Ultraman as Zero instead of Ginga.
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