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• 1/15/2014

Support Texas Toku Taisen!

We are on the verge of greatness Toku Faithful!

For the first time ever, the United States may get its very own Tokusatsu convention in San Antonio!
While some may say Power Morphicon and Godzilla conventions count (and they do), this is the first potential convention to encompass the entire genre. We have an oppourtunity to be a public fandom in the eyes of mainstream media and show our pride in what we love.
Kamen Rider, Super Sentai, Metal Heroes Etc.
The crowdfunding campaign is at Indiegogo and the target goal is $15,400. If you contribute to this cause, there will be a film festival of various toku including a special viewing of the 2014 Godzilla film! Also a special apperance and panel by IDW's Godzilla writer and artist Matt Frank!
Update: Campaign 1 is over
If you can't contribute, spread the word on Twitter and Facebook to all the Toku fans around the world!
We can do this!  *fingers crossed*
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• 7/31/2013

Support Yatterman 2008!

I'm going to possibly get flak for this but it's for a good cause to preserve anime in the USA.
As you may or may not know one of our toku articles is about the live action Yatterman film.
It is adapted from a classic 1970s anime series and 2008 reboot of the same name.
What I'm getting at is a little company by the name of Anime Sols has the rights to said shows but needs our help in getting them to DVD. Sadly, the original didn't make the deadline.... but the 2008 version is still up for grabs!  We need your help and I hope you can all pitch in!
Update: Sadly, We were too late to save it, the funding closed at a sum of $1,300 out of $19,000. However, if you are an anime fan and want to see more old school anime hit our shores. I encourage you to support this company and it's projects in the future.
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• 6/25/2013

Vote Godzilla! Don't let Cthulhu win!

Titanollante wrote: Hello all! Head over to the Ultraman Wiki by clicking this here link and vote for Godzilla and/or King Ghidorah. Here are explanations as to how King Ghidorah and Godzilla can win against their opponents, Bahamut and Cthulhu, respectively.
King Ghidorah, who sucks planets dry of their life, and causes mass extinction. He might have a weak mind, but he definately is strong in other aspects. He can fly, he can shoot gravity beams and he can be defeated only by Godzilla and an ally in most of his appearances. Size is not the biggest factor, but King Ghidorah's abilities has everything covered up, and he can definately win.
Now for Godzilla. Godzilla can only be killed by an Oxygen Destroyer and a Meltdown. He also has his atomic breath, which can do lots, and lots of damage, especially if he gives it his all. Godzilla has stopped a meteor from hitting the Earth, he has survived a black hole, he has just barely survived having his body exploded (heart beating at the end of GMK), he can KILL gods, (Baragon, Mothra, King Ghidorah in GMK), he survived an Absolute Zero Cannon to his chest, he has battled lots of monsters, destroyed cities, and even though he's miles shorter than Cuthululul, he's miles stronger and definately a stonger God.
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• 3/5/2013

Merchandise policy?

What should our stance on merchandise be? I know RangerWiki has pages on the lines of merchandise, but the Kamen Rider and Metal Heroes Wikis have little to none. And there is a great deal of merchandise for the tokusatsu franchises and other minor shows, toys, figurines, DVD releases, even food like Sentai and Rider chocolates, even sausages. Both Tardis Data Core and Wookieepedia have limited coverage on Doctor Who and Star Wars merchandise respectively, but have their own merchandise wikis: the Star Wars Merchandise Wiki and the Doctor Who Collectors Wiki. We could create our own merchandise wikis or stick to the main ones. Either way we need to expand our coverage on merchandise.
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• 2/2/2013


I see the logo has been changed, so I updated all four wikis accordingly. Good idea adding the Tokusatsu Hub subtitle, especially considering the url.
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• 1/31/2013

"Create Page" preload templates now available

As on RangerWiki, you can now pull up an entire page format for the page your creating while on the edit box.
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