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• 9/12/2014

Plagiarism cleanup

I've just realised that several articles added by Ivander.yuanata a couple of months ago were plagiarised from w:c:ultra. Fireman has been fixed - it turns out this one was copied from Wikipedia in the first place, and thus the Wikipedia attribution template was added to the page. I intend to check the rest tomorrow morning, but if anyone feels like making a start, go ahead. If anything is plagiarised, then if it's from Wikipedia, it should be tagged with Template:Wikipedia, and if it's original to Ultra, then it should be deleted and we'll remake it later.
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• 3/31/2014
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• 1/2/2014

Armor Hero

We have no coverage whatsoever of Armor Hero. This show has been dubbed into English!
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• 9/2/2013


We still need icons for Shougeki Gouraigan, Sasuraido, Fire Leon. Also Fire Leon's page needs creating.
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• 7/17/2013

GARO Redirects

Since Garo wiki is now part of our little family, I encourage editors to post redirects or delete pages on here involving Garo.
Any page that Garo wiki does not have on thier pages that we do, please transfer the text to thier wiki.
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• 2/18/2013

Create house style templates

Templates here, at Metal Heroes Wiki and at Kamen Rider Wiki need converting to RangerWiki's house style, with the picture at the left and a quote. This applies to (if not already done) Stub, Disambig, Delete, Merge, Update, Picture. If they don't exist, they need creating.
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• 2/16/2013

Acquire Images for Articles

This is one of the challenges we face on this particular project but finding images is difficult for some shows more than others...
We need Images for:
The Chouseishin series (heroes,mechs and monsters)
Ganbaron (image of Teru Tendou in civilian form)
Tetsujin Tiger Seven : Go Takigawa in civilain form
Yatterman: Screencaps or images of Boyacky And Tonzura of the Doronbo Gang for Character pages
Choujin Bibyun and Akumaizer 3: individual photos of characters for character pages:  Bashaa and Zushiin, Human forms of The Choujin and Xavitan from Akumaizer 3 in human form. Villains
Kyodain 1976:  Images for villains and Skyzel in robot form for character pages
Battle Hawk: individual photos of characters for character pages.
Specter: screencap images of weapons for Tetsuya Terasaki page
Witch Teacher: Andro-mask, I can't seem to find her anywhere.
This thread will be updated whenever necessary
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• 1/31/2013

Update Redirects

When we found this wiki, some of the pages were duplicates of Wikipedia articles or lists of episode apearnces taken form our own wikis. Most of them have been taken care of but there are still some on here, primarily on Ultraman and Sentai and Kamen Rider villains.
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