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Adventure Family
Adventure Family: Here is Planet 0
Number N/A
Number of episodes: 20
First episode:
Original airing: September 6, 1977 - January 24, 1978

Adventure Family: Here is Planet 0 (冒険ファミリー ここは惑星0番地 Bōken Famirī Koko wa Wakusei Zero-banchi) is a 1977 family tokusatsu produced by Toei.


Alien Lupin people observing and studying the earth moved the plan to bring the sample of the Earthling family to Planet Lupin. The Shimazaki family, the Yamada family, and the Oiida brother and sister are suddenly "collected" by Alien Lupin's robot Dublon. However, on returning to Planet Lupin, their spacecraft Nippon which they got caught in an accident and got lost to an unmanned planet with two suns, it became impossible to escape. Three families, eleven people have named this unknown star "Planet 0" and started a survival life.


Shimazaki familyEdit

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  • Alien Lupin
    • Dublon
    • Vibron


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