Akira Houjyo/Mars(北条 明/マーズ, 'Hōjō Akira/Māzu)': The team leader, Akira's father committed suicide when he was 8 years old, making him to become rebellious and to use his intelligence to hack the system of the enterprise in which his father worked in, eventually bankrupting it. After that, he was practically raised by Captain Oda, who wished to use the kid's high capacity for something beneficial. Cool under pressure and has a strong sense of duty and honor. Became top of his class at the Police Academy and was formerly an elite officer with the Tokyo Police Department. His armor is designed specifically to provide heavy artillery and firearms support. Due to the size of his suit, is one of the slower units and hampers Hojyo’s movements a bit. His armor is outfitted with “Stabilize Gear”, which brace his armor when he uses his heavy guns.

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