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Akumaizer 3 (アクマイザー3, Akumaizā Surī) is a Japanese science fiction tokusatsu television series, created by Shotaro Ishinomori and produced by Toei Company. The series premiered on Tuesday October 7, 1975 at 7:30, and ran for 38 episodes in that timeslot on NET, now known as TV Asahi. The series remains obscure outside of Japan, but was popular and renowned in its home country. The series was followed by a sequel called Chojin Bibyun which used rejected designs from the Kamen Rider SeriesIcon-crosswiki.png as its hero designs.

On April 2020, Akumaizer 3 became one of 70 shows to be streamed in the west on the Toei Tokusatsu World Youtube channel.


The program follows the adventures of three mutant superhero refugees from the "Akuma Clan" ("Demon Clan", in English), a vast empire that exists below the surface of the Earth, and their efforts to stop the Akumas from attacking the surface world. The three warriors are Xavitan, a half-human and half-demon swordsman, Evil, a somewhat vain and foppish sharpshooter, and Gabra, a slow- and dim-witted strongman. Together, they make up the superheroic team of the show's title. At the end of the series, the heroes' bodies are destroyed, but their souls survive to be reincarnated in the direct sequel to the show, Choujin Bibyun.


Akumaizers 3

Xavitan Xavitan
Evil Evil
Gabra Gabra

S.I.C. Hero Saga-exclusive

Xavitan Xavitan

Touto Times


Akuma Clan


  1. Why?! Xavitan's Rebellion (なぜだ?! ザビタンの反逆!)
  2. Why Did She Die?! Xavitan's Mother (なぜ死んだ?! ザビタンの母)
  3. Why?! Gabra's Disappearance (なぜだ?! ガブラが消えた)
  4. Why?! Evil's Treachery (なぜだ?! イビルの裏切り)
  5. Why?! Xavitan's Refusal To Fight (なぜだ?! 闘わぬザビタン)
  6. Why?! Gabra's Big Comeback (なぜだ?! ガブラの大逆転)
  7. Why?! The Hundred Degrees Below Zero Revenge (なぜだ?! 逆襲の零下百度)
  8. Why?! Xavitan Is Captured By Children (なぜだ?! 子供につかまったザビタン)
  9. Why?! Gabra The Enemy (なぜだ?! ガブラが敵に)
  10. Why?! Darunia's Crisis (なぜだ?! ダルニアの危機)
  11. Why?! Evil and the Child (なぜだ?! 子連れイビル)
  12. Why?! Blinded Xavitan (なぜだ?! ザビタン失明)
  13. Why?! Xavitan Impersonated (なぜだ?! ザビタンが化けた?)
  14. Why?! Ippei's Double (なぜだ?! 一平がふたり?)
  15. Why?! Ippei The Tengu (なぜだ?! 一平がテングになった)
  16. Why?! Secret of the Red Umbrella (なぜだ?! 赤い傘の秘密)
  17. Why?! The Other Xavitan (なぜだ?! もう一人のザビタン)
  18. Why?! Target: Evil (なぜだ?! 狙われたイビル)
  19. Why?! Xavitan's Five Secrets (なぜだ?! ザビタン五つの謎)
  20. Why?! Xavitan's Secret Power (なぜだ?! ザビタンの秘密能力)
  21. Why?! Tokyo Encased In Ice! (なぜだ!? 東京がカチンカチン)
  22. Why?! The Fake Genius Project (なぜだ?! インチキ天才計画)
  23. Why?! Magic Powers Have No Effect (なぜだ?! 魔法力がきかない)
  24. Why?! The Overprotective Nobera Family (なぜだ?! 親馬鹿ノッペラー)
  25. Why?! Gabra's Transformation Into A Bird (なぜだ?! ガブラが鳥になった)
  26. Why?! The Dancing Gabra Cho (なぜだ?! 踊るガブラッチョ)
  27. Why?! Xavitan Has Been Blown Away (なぜだ?! ザビタンが吹っ飛んだ)
  28. Why?! The Deadly Tengu Manipulation (なぜだ?! 恐怖のテングあやつり)
  29. Why?! Xavitan's Judgement (なぜだ?! 裁かれるザビタン)
  30. Why?! The Mystery of the Sleeping Beauty (なぜだ?! 眠る少女の謎)
  31. Why?! The Challenge From Hell (なぜだ?! 地獄からの挑戦状)
  32. Why?! The Akuma Fugitive (なぜだ?! アクマの逃亡者)
  33. Why?! Xavitan In Hot Water (なぜだ?! ザビタン釜ゆで)
  34. Why?! 2 + 3 Is The Magic Number (なぜだ?! 2+3はへのへのもへじ)
  35. Why?! The Human Robots (なぜだ?! 人間がロボットに)
  36. Why?! Gabra Cho Is Swallowed Up (なぜだ?! のみこまれたガブラッチョ)
  37. Why?! The Akuma Clan's All Out Attack (なぜだ?! アクマ族総攻撃!)
  38. Why?! The Time Capsule (なぜだ?! 明日へのカプセル)



  • Ippei Shima (島一平, Shima Ippei) - Jiro Yabuki (千葉治郎, Yabuki Jiro)
  • Kenji Nagumo (南雲健二, Nagumo Kenji) (Xavitan's human form) - So Takizawa (滝沢双, Takizawa Sō)
  • Jun Nagisa (渚ジュン, Jun Nagisa) - Miyuki Hayata (早田みゆき, Hayata Miyuki)
  • Mitsuhiko Shima (島光彦, Shima Mitsuhiko) - Kenji Kobane (小塙謙二, Kobane Kenji)
  • Gensaku Akita (秋田源作, Akita Gensaku) - Kazuo Iwaki (岩城和男, Iwaki Kazuo)
  • Yoshiko Arisawa (有沢美子, Arisawa Yoshiko) - Manoko Yoshida (吉田真野子, Yoshida Manoko)



  • Xavitan - Toshimichi Takahashi, Junichi Haruta, Yoshinori Okamoto (second half)
  • Evil - Tetsuo Masuda
  • Gabra - Seiji Takeshita, Masao Yoshida
  • Darunia - Yuri Hidaka
  • Aguma Soldiers - Tsutomu Kitagawa, Jun Murakami, Junji Yamaoka, Kenji Ohba, Seigo Inoue and others (JAC)


  •  In the second episode of the anime Lucky Star, Konata sings the opening theme song to the series (Albeit in an over-the-top comical fashion), but as the episode's ending theme as it was preceeded by Uchuu Tetsujin Kyodain's opening theme, "Uchuu Tetsujin Kyodain".

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