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Mystic Knight of Earth
Gender: Male
Show: Mystic Knights of Tir Na Nog
Color: Silver
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: Legend of the Ancient Scroll
Last Full Appearance: Banished
Number of Episode Appearances: 50
Full list of appearances
Actor: Vincent Walsh
Mystic Knight of Earth
"Earth beneath me!"

Angus is the Mystic Knight of Earth of the Mystic Knights.


Angus is Rohan's best friend and a well-known, boastful reformed thief who often gets into trouble. His weapon is the Terra Mace which throws giant boulders and can cause earthquake. To obtain his silver and gold Mystic Armor, he had to defeat the Rock Wolf of Temra. To don his armor, he shouts "Earth beneath me!".


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Mystic Knight of EarthEdit


Mystic Knight armor


Terra MaceEdit

With the ability to attack using Earth elements, the Terra Mace has the ability to heave massive rocks and boulders through the air and cause powerful earthquakes. The weapon also serves to bludgeon opponents in close hand to hand combat. In order to obtain this weapon, as well as the armor, Angus had to defeat the Rock Wolf of Temra. 


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