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Armor Hero Captor
Number 04
Number of episodes: 52
First episode: Back to 2016
Last episode: Righteousness and evil
Original airing: 2015-2016
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Armor Hero Lava
The Legend of Armor Hero

Armor Hero Captor (铠甲勇士捕将 Kǎi Jiǎ Yǒng Shì Bǔ Jiāng) is the fourth installment of the Armor Hero Series.


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The Armor Heroes Captor SystemEdit

Captor Nagong Xinyi + Lin Zhikai + Xiao liao (铠甲勇士捕将 - 南宫信一 + 林志凯 + 萧里奥 ) - Based on the Zhong Kui. Played by Lai Yi + Dai Xinlong + Lin Jiaxing (赖艺 + 戴鑫龙 + 李建欣).
Captor Carbon Nagong Xinyi (铠甲勇士捕将卡魄 - 南宫信一 )Based on the lion. Played by Lai Yi (赖艺).
Captor Alloy Lin Zhikai > Nagong Xinyi (铠甲勇士捕将阿罗伊 - 林志凯 > 南宫信一 )- Based on the wasp. player by Dai Xinlong > Lai Yi (戴鑫龙 > 赖艺).
Captor Angstrom Xiao liao > Nagong Xinyi (铠甲勇士捕将埃戈士 - 萧里奥  > 南宫信一 )- Based on the bat. payer by Lin Jiaxing> Lai Yi (李建欣 > 赖艺).
Captor Reflect Xiao liao > Nagong Xinyi (铠甲勇士捕将锐夫 - 萧里奥 > 南宫信一 )- Based on the shark. payer by Lin Jiaxing > Lai Yi (李建欣 > 赖艺).

The Armor Heroes Ultra Max SystemEdit

Ultra Max Lin Zhikai >< Xiao liao (铠甲勇士战帅 - 林志凯 >< 萧里奥) - Based on the computer virus. Played by Dai Xinlong >< Lin Jiaxing (戴鑫龙 >< 李建欣).



  • The Super Computer System
    • King of Zombie (僵王)
    • Daji (妲己)
    • Xiao liao

Supporting CharactersEdit

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Armor Hero: Captor King (Feature Film)Edit



  • This series has a first Armor Hero have multiple form.
  • This series has the least amount of Armor Heroes (with a grand total of 3).
  • Captor Carbon and Angstrom's suits were showed at the 2016 CCTV New Year's Gala south stage. First time marks the Chinese Tokusatsu was recognized by the mainstream media in PRC.

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