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Armor hero Hunter Armor logo
Armor Hero Hunter
Number 06 (Finale)
Number of episodes: 60 (divided into Season 1 and Season 2, 30 episodes each)
First episode: Debut Hunter Stallion + Debut Hunter Jackal
Last episode: God brain Crisis + Down Tower (Part 2)
Original airing: October, 17 2018 (Season 1),
June 25 2020 (Season 2)
The Legend of Armor Hero

Armor Hero Hunter (铠甲勇士猎铠 Kǎijiǎ Yǒngshì Liè Kǎi) is the sixth and final installment of the Chinese tokusatsu Armor Hero Series, produced by Hero Box, and directed by Cao Shenjun.

The work is scheduled to be launched in October 2017, and the first season was released completely on October 17, 2018, and the second seasons will be released in June 25, 2020.

This series tells the story of the four Hunter Armor with their Armor Beasts who fight against the dark force of the universe: The Dark Force, from destroying the civilization of the Earth.


This work is divided into two seasons:

  • Armor Hero Hunter God Brain Crisis (铠甲勇士猎铠之神脑危机 Kǎijiǎ Yǒngshì Liè Kǎi zhī Shén Nǎo Wéijī): Premiered on October 17, 2018 and ended on November 14, 2018, with a total of 30 episodes.
  • Armor Hero Hunter Heaven Tower of Dawn (铠甲勇士猎铠之黎明天塔 Kǎijiǎ Yǒngshì Liè Kǎi zhī Límíng Tiān Tǎ): It is expected to be broadcast from 25 2020



Hunter Armor's concept, with original name.

Before the official English name was finally decided, the series was originally called Armor Hero Hunter Armor. With the heroes are named after their animal motifs directly:

  • Iron Horse Hunter Armor (铁骑猎铠 Tiěqí Liè Kǎi)
  • Holy Eagle Hunter Armor (圣堂猎铠 Shèngtáng Liè Kǎi)
  • Faro Wolf Hunter Armor (法鲁猎铠 Fǎlǔ Liè Kǎi)
  • Power Elephant Hunter Armor (梵天猎铠 Fàntiān Liè Kǎi)


Season 1: God Brain CrisisEdit

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Season 2: Heaven Tower of DawnEdit

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Season 1 (God Brain Crisis)Edit

Armor Hero Hunter Stallion Ren Tianyun(铠甲勇士猎铠马帅 - 任天云) - Based on the Chinese warhorse. Played by Cai Rong (蔡荣).
Armor Hero Hunter Aquila Chen Yaozu(铠甲勇士猎铠鹰帅 -陈耀祖) - Based on the Jupiter's Eagle. Played by Zheng Mingyang (郑明洋).

Season 2 (Dawn Heaven Tower) Edit

Armor Hero Hunter Jackal Jin Hao(铠甲勇士猎铠狼帅 - 金昊) - Based on the Anubis. Played by Kaisei Abe (阿部 快征 Abe Kaisei).
Armor Hero Hunter Elephas Shangguan Lan>< Jin Hao(铠甲勇士猎铠象帅 - 上官岚>< 金昊) - Based on the Airavata. Played by Sang Shuang>< Kaisei Abe (桑双><阿部 快征).



Supporting CharactersEdit

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Legendary Armor HeroesEdit

Mars Pan Min
Aero Yan Fang


Season 1

Season 2


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  • This series is to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Armor Hero series. And, the last installment of Armor Hero Series.
  • This series first time to have a Japanese actor to portray an Armor Hero's human identity.
  • This is the only Armor Hero series to not be uploaded under Alpha Animation's official Youtube channels.

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