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Armor Hero Lava (铠甲勇士拿瓦 Kǎijiǎ Yǒngshì Náwǎ) is the third installment of the Armor Hero Series.


The story takes place in Nanbo City.

Six months ago, a truck carrying a dangerous virus that mutated the human gene into a variant, Ocasian, was suddenly attacked, causing the immature virus to leak and spread in the city...

Three months after the incident, in order to make a lot of money, Mr. Ma Tian, ​​the chairman of Day & Good Group, cooperated with General Manager Li of the Department of Biochemical Virus Research to capture Oxter and want to obtain serum in his body to gain benefits. on the other hand. Ke Guolong, director of the Super Armor Institute, also used the elemental energy of nature to develop four sets of super armor, which made Ma Tian interested in its power.

After another three months, the late detective Duanmu Gushang’s son, Duan Mu-yan, met a girl who believed that his father’s death was related to Ocasian: Ma Lingling, during the return of the two men after investigating a case of disappearance Suddenly, they were attacked by Oxus, in the critical moment, Lingling took out a belt and gave it to Duanmu, and turned him into one of the super armors developed by Ke's director: Armor Hero Lava!

Who is the real identity of Lingling, and why is the super armor developed by Ke’s director in her hands? Is the death of Duanmu's father really related to Ocasian?


The Armor Heroes

Lava Ma Qingshan > Duanmu Yan (铠甲勇士拿瓦 - 马青山 > 端木燕) - Based on the lava and the Fire Element (焰之拿瓦). Played by Kenny > Xu Feng (曾祥程 >许峰).
Tsunami Ma Kuohai > Li Zi >< Ma Qingshan > Ma Kuohai (铠甲勇士茨纳米 - 马阔海 > 李子 >< 马青山 > 马阔海) - Based on the tsunami and the Water Element (啸之茨纳米). Played by Liu Ruilin > Zhang Yaxi >< Kenny > Liu Ruilin (刘芮麟 >張亞希 >< 曾祥程 > 刘芮麟).
Tornado Xiao Feng > Duanmu Yan > Ma Qingshan (铠甲勇士陀拏多 - 萧风 > 端木燕 > 马青山) - Based on the tornado and the Wind Element (飓之陀拏多). Played by Qiao Yang > Xu Feng > Kenny (峭阳 >许峰 >曾祥程).
Cliff Ke Sheng > Li Zi >< Ma Qingshan > Ma Kuohai > Ke Sheng (铠甲勇士酷雷伏 - 柯胜 > 李子 >< 马青山 > 马阔海 > 柯胜) - Based on the cliff and the Earth Element (峭之酷雷伏). Played by

Zhu Jiaqi > Zhang Yaxi >< Kenny > Liu Ruilin > Zhu Jiaqi (朱嘉琦 >張亞希 >< 曾祥程 >刘芮麟 >朱嘉琦).

Atlas Duanmu Yan (铠甲勇士雅塔莱斯 - 端木燕) - Based on the Thunder Element and the Light Element (雷霆雅塔莱斯). Played by Xu Feng (许峰).
Techno Du Xiaomi (铠甲勇士特鲁 - 杜小咪) - Based on the China Police. Played by Wu Yong Chang (吴永沧).


  • Ma Lingling - A clever young girl.
  • Ma Qingshan/Albert - Ma Lingling's older brother, a brave man.


  • Day & Good Corporation
    • Ocasers
    • BAK (Badass Assault Killers)

Supporting Character

  • Xiao Di - A cute little girl who became Albert's girlfriend later.
  • Officer Sherlock - Chinese police leader.
  • Glasses - Queen of otaku that likes to surfing Internet and eating instant noodles. She is Elvis' friend.
  • Tan Fengqin - Ma Lingling's mother.



  • Xu Feng As Duanmu Yan
  • Caoxiyue As Ma Lingling
  • Kenny As Ma Qingshan/Albert
  • Liu Rulin As Ma Kuo Hai
  • Qiao Yang As Xiao Feng
  • Zhu Jiaqi As Ke Sheng
  • Wu Yong Chang As Du Xiaomi
  • Wu Hairuo As Ma Tian/Ma Dong
  • Koko As Xiao Di
  • Zhang Yaxi As Li Zi
  • Xu Jia Wei As Leng Xue
  • Liu Jing As Nina
  • Chen Bo As Shi Lei
  • Sun Qiusheng As Ke Suo Chang
  • Geng Yi As Lee Xiao Chou
  • Leng Hai Ming As Duanmu Gu Shang
  • Chaos Lu As Tan Fengqin
  • Zhang Xu Yi As Tanjung
  • Zhang Yi As Xiao Yingguo

Armor Hero: Altas (Feature Film)

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  • This series is to commemorate the 5th anniversary of Armor Hero series.
  • This is the first series to have the armors be created by humans.
  • Like Kamen Rider WIcon-crosswiki.png, this is a detective drama.
  • During the production process, some producers had considered using a magic theme, but because of Toei's Kamen Rider WizardIcon-crosswiki.png project, the idea was cancelled.
    • However, the main four armor designs still reflect the four elements.

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