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The Armor Hero Series (铠甲勇士系列) is a Chinese tokusatsu franchise inspired by Metal HeroesIcon-crosswiki and Kamen RiderIcon-crosswiki. It is created by Alpha Animation Co,. Ltd and Herobox Studio.

Due to the broadcast of Chinese dubbed & subbed Kamen Rider Zi-OIcon-crosswiki in China in 2018, the market scale of Armor Hero Series shrinks rapidly and very hard to survive. The series finally planned to get discontinued in the year 2020, as the season 2 of Armor Hero Hunter being the last TV season of this franchise - if its ratings didn't meet its final targets.


Before Armor Hero Series started, The Fighter of the Light and Shadow (光影战士), a televison series produced by Qiaosheng Studio Inc. was announced at September 1, 2007. The CEO of this company, Qiao Sheng (乔盛), is a huge fan of Toei's Kamen Rider Series and wants to create a "China's version of Kamen Rider". He planned to use the Four Symbols as the heroes' motif. The first hero Qiaosheng Studio designed is a hero named Dragon Hero (炎龙侠). However, his studio went bankrupt at October after only shot six episodes. Qiao Sheng had to resale his studio including the copyright of this 6-episode unfinished series to another company, the Alpha Animation. [1]

Cai Dong Qing (蔡东青), CEO of Alpha Animation, was interest in the Dragon Hero's design. After watched all of the 6 episodes, he realized that it could be a huge franchise in the future and decided to continue it. Later, Alpha's department of development brought a project: The Armor Hero. Zhou Bing Yi (周秉毅), head of the Herobox Studio, had joined in this project at December, 2007. Zhou is not only a Kamen Rider fan but a huge Tokusatsu fan. He suggested Alpha to not only feature one heroes, otherwise, more than two heroes. Zhou had provided many ideas to Armor Hero designs, scripts, actors, "Kamen Rider elements" and filming staffs. He even also the broker of Rainbow ZoukeiIcon-crosswiki in China. (To commemorate his important role, Zhou is now called the "original creator" (from Japanese "original story" (原作 Gensaku)) in credits of Armor Hero Series and the Battle Strike Team Series). Finally, the Armor Hero Series was born. [2] [3]


All of the Armor Hero Series follow these trends:

  • The main protagonist Armor Hero must having a flame motif, red color scheme and blue eyes.
  • Blue color scheme Armor Hero must have red eyes.
  • The Hero with a wind/feather motif must be an important character.
  • The strongest Armor Hero must be transformed by the main character.
  • The final episode must take place in space.

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