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Armor Hero XT
Number 02
Number of episodes: 60 (30 + 30)
First episode: Warcraft reproduction
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Original airing: 2011 - 2012
Armor Hero
Armor Hero Lava

Armor Hero XT (铠甲勇士刑天 Kǎi Jiǎ Yǒng Shì Xíng Tiān), also known as Armor Hero II, is the second series of the Armor Hero Franchise


In a peaceful Chinese city, the 'Dark Lord' Lucius wrecks havoc. However, 3 teenagers are are given "morphers" that turn into MP3 players, video game systems, and HD Cameras that allow them to summon their special Armor in order to become Earth's new defenders.


The Armor HeroesEdit

Mars/Pyro Warrior Li Haotian/Tim (铠甲勇士刑天侠 - 李昊天) - Born under the Sun and uses a digital camera to summon his armor. Played by Li Wei (李巍). After trained, he is able to upgrade into the Titan Mars/Solar Pyro Warrior (战神刑天). Episode 7 reveals that he, in fact, knows a lot more about the threat than the other Armor Heroes do. Through Bushido's training, he gains a new attack that allows him to strike from eight different directions.
Aero/Cyclone Warrior Xu Tingfei/Edward Fei Jr. (铠甲勇士飞影侠- 徐霆飞) - Born under the Moon and uses an MP3 player to summon his armor. Played by Wu Haoze (吴昊泽). Heir to a wealthy corporation, he prefers to fight alone and he is shown to be arrogant towards others, most of the time with Jason. As the series continues, he eventually starts to warm up to others and starts to rely on his teammates. Through Bushido's training, he gains the ability to channel his chi through his legs, allowing for some very powerful kicks. After trained, he is able to upgrade into the Flash Aero/Flash Cyclone Warrior (疾电飞影).
Giant/Terra Warrior Wu Gang/Jason Gang(铠甲勇士金刚侠 - 吴刚) - Born under the Stars and uses a portable console to summon his armor. Played by Zhang Yanan (张亚男). A master video gamer and genius, he is a lot more willing to become an Armor Hero and constantly makes video game related jokes while fighting monsters, such as telling them to "level up" more. After trained, he is able to upgrade into the Burst Giant/Quake Terra Warrior (爆裂金刚).


  • Yang Huanying/Alice - She is a woman with mystical powers, she has the ability to communicate with others through telepathy. Occasionally, she tends to be quite touchy at times especially when it comes to her family tower, a plot device in this series.
  • Qing Zizai/Bushido - A Taoist monk who becomes a comedic mentor towards the main Armor Heroes. He teaches them about Chi and how they are able to use it against the forces of the evil Lucius.
  • Li You'er/ Yozhi - a very fond girl with Li Hao Tian / Tim


Armor Hero Ares/Thunder Warrior Lu Fa/Lucius(铠甲勇士修罗侠 - 路法) - Based on the ancient Chinese emperors and the clamshell mobile phone. Voiced by Liao Xiaochen (廖晓晨). Formerly a General from the planet Ares, he started a conquest upon earth only for the original Armor Heroes to follow and attempt to thwart him. He is the main antagonist of the series.
  • Ba Dou/Paul Ba - A corporation CEO. He is the secondary antagonist and later becomes a preferred vessel for the Dark Lord.
  • Misi Lin/Miss Lin - She is Paul Ba's "sexy" assistant, as she considers herself. After a few episodes, it is revealed that she was secretly working for the Dark Lord Lucius.
  • Li You'er/ Yozhi (False) - as Dark Koola
  • Nether Legion

Supporting CharactersEdit

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Song Edit

The Invincible Hero Opening City of Light (also Across Aurora) Ending


  • Li Wei As Li Haotian/Tim
  • Wu Haoze as Xu Tingfei/Edward Fei Jr
  • Zhang Yanan as Wu Gang/Jason Gang
  • Zhang Weina as Yang Huanying/Alice
  • Xu Zi Fei as Li You'er/ Yozhi
  • He Kuan as Qing Zizai/Bushido
  • Liao Xiaochen as Lu Fa/Lucius
  • Liao Xiaochen as Ba Dou/Paul Ba
  • Pi Yijia as Misi Lin/Miss Lin
  • Xu Zi Fei as Ku La/Koola


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