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Aya Asahina (朝比奈 彩, Asahina Aya) is a Japanese model, television personality, and actress. She portrays Mirei "Mr. M" Hoshimiya in Girl Gun Lady.


Asahina has been affiliated with Ikushima Planning Inc. since March 2014. She won the Grand Prize at the 3rd DHC Cinderella Awards on October 13. She became an exclusive model for the fashion magazine Ray the next month.

On September 27, 2015, she performed a swimsuit show on the special stage of the Guam Visitors Bureau of Tourism EXPO Japan. In November, she was appointed as the "Furusato Sumoto Support Ambassador" in Sumoto, Hyogo Prefecture, where she was born.

She made her acting debut on August 2017. She graduated from Ray the next year.

In 2019 she became appointed as an exclusive model of the fashion magazine Oggi.

Personal life

From the third grade of elementary school to the third grade of high school, Asahina belonged to the track and field club. After graduating from Sumoto Industrial High School, she worked as a midwife's assistant at a local obstetrics and gynecology department for a year and a half.

When she was in kindergarten, she admired Maki Goto, who was a member of Morning Musume. at the time; she even pointed out in her graduation essay that she wanted to join the group.

She became interested in modeling when she saw the movie Paradise Kiss, which is based on a manga about an ordinary girl who became a top model.

She admires actress and former model Keiko Kitagawa, and she is on good terms with Harumi Sato, Airi Matsui and Erika Matsumoto.

Her hobbies are bouldering, kickboxing, cooking, watching movies and biking (her favorite bike brand is Pinarello).

On July 26, 2021, she announced her marriage to Sandaime J SOUL BROTHERS member Kenjiro Yamashita.



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