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Battle Strike Team: Giant Saver
Number 1
Number of episodes: 52
First episode:
Last episode:
Original airing: December 2012
Battle Strike Team: Space Deleter

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Battle Strike Team: Giant Saver (巨神战击队 Jùshén Zhànjīduì) is a Chinese tokusatsu series created and produced by Alpha Group Co. Ltd.

Plot[edit | edit source]

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Ten million years ago, before humans were on Earth, dragons and sea-men ruled the planet.

However, the seamen and the dragons continue to fight for the map, just as the dragons have no power to fight back. The protoss from the universe have given the dragons 12 mechanical warriors and six transformation machines. Under the power of the two sides, the forces of the two sides began to balance.

However, on the occasion of the heavy casualties on both sides, the Seamen discovered a more suitable water star, and began to talk with the dragons. Finally, the tyrant who ruled himself in the Haizu: the seal of the shark is sealed in the sea that controls the seawater capacity of the earth. After the door, he left the earth after a peace talk with the dragon.

However, the Seamen did not know that they had invented the land-slung machine that was invented by Shark King as a gift into the Longma battleship of the Dragons, but did not know that this was actually a part of the land reorganization plan that the Shark King had created.

In order to prevent the Seamen's plan, six young people with different personalities have obtained the Savers left by the dragons, and turned into warriors with three forces: Two Heaven Guards, Three Earth Guards and one Man Guard.

Giant Saver, go!

Characters[edit | edit source]

The Heroes[edit | edit source]

Names are from the subtitled version of the series.

1st group

Fire Guard Quinn Wang (赤猿卫 - 阿空) - Based on the classic character Sun Wu Kong, the Monkey King. Pilots the Fire Ape Saver. Quinn is the team's leader and is very headstrong and arrogant, thinking he is better than everybody else. Despite this, he is the most skilled in combat on the team. He currently lives with Commissioner Don as his parents are currently overseas. Played by He Chao (何超)
Steel Guard Nell Ye (钢牙卫 - 阿能) - Based on the classic character Zhu Bajie (known in english as Pigsy). Pilots the Steel Boar Saver. He is the strongest member of the team and often acts as the go between for Jane and Quinn. He loves to study history and read. He is also a sucker for good food. Played by ShangGuan LiangYeh (上官梁越)
Ocean Guard Jane Anping (海鲨卫 - 阿静) - Based on the classic character Sha Wujing (known in english as Sandy). Pilots the Ocean Shark Saver. The female member of the original team of three, she is the smartest and possesses the highest IQ. Although she fights with Quinn on a regular basis, she is generally a cheery and happy girl. She is also an orphan, but nothing more is known of her past. Played by Liu YuXi (刘禹希)

2nd group

Thunder Guard Zoe Xu (爆雷卫 - 阿震) - Based on the classic character Bull Demon King. Pilots the Thunder Lion Saver. Part of a brother sister duo that are in a psychic link and were originally their own Guard team duo before joining the other three. He is from a rich family who lost their financial status and seek a way to reclaim it. He is friends with Jane and Nell, but does not care for Quinn.
Sky Guard Windy Xu (飞鸟卫 - 阿凤) - Based on the classic character Princess Iron Fan. Pilots the Sky Eagle Saver. Part of a brother sister duo that are in a psychic link and were originally their own Guard team duo before joining the other three. She is from a rich family who lost their financial status, and seek a way to reclaim it. She is friends with Jane and Nell, but does not care for Quinn.

3rd group

Earth Guard Young (战狼卫 - 杨一击) - Based on the classic character Er Lang Shan, a Chinese God. Pilots the Feral Wolf Saver, as well as the Galaxy Dragon, Spar Tortoise, and Cannon Tiger Saver. Considered a lone wolf operative who operates on his own whims. He only became a Guard in order to experience life at the highest speed. Originally he wants nothing to do with the other five members (because all they and their villains do is fight, causing him to punish them all if their conflict won't stop), but after forming a bond with Jane, he reluctantly agrees to join the team.

Allies[edit | edit source]

  • Commissioner Don - he is the Teams' mentor and boss. He currently has a deal with an alien AI known as Kearney that will answer the secrets of "an ancient civilization before mankind" when the titular Giant Saver team gathers all of the Super Elves (items with magical power).
  • Sister Corina - She is considered the "big sister" of the teams as well their overall chef.
  • Uncle Frank

Villains[edit | edit source]

  • The General
  • Sea-men
    • Miss Kyi
    • Left-Fin
    • Silver-Carphead
  • Super Elves
    • Always-On Demon
    • Everything-Ok Demon
    • Guess-Who Demon
    • Sleeping-Sickness Demon
    • Charging-Forward Demon - a Kamen Rider themed monster that was created through a Charging-Forward Super-Elf belt.
    • Invisible Demon
    • Lightning and Fire Demon
    • Glittering Demon
    • Gobble Demon
    • Flying-Sand-And-Stone-Demon - a cyborg themed demon that was created from a pair of Flying-Sand-And_Stone-Super-Elf shoes.
    • Trouble-Stiring Demon
    • Rumble Demon
    • Super Pretty Demon
    • Race Against Time Demon
    • Super Stinky Demon
    • Elfin Demon
    • Extreme Nervous Demon
    • Cure-Diseases Demon
    • Far-Reaching Demon
    • Waste-Recycle Demon
    • Capricious Demon

Supporting Characters[edit | edit source]

  • Tim - an ordinary person who comes across a Super-Elf that gives him powers and becomes a superhero going by the name of The Savior (救命侠). He wears a red Monster Energy hoodie. Debuts in Episode 9. In the episode after, it is revealed that he in fact watches Armor Hero XT.

Cast[edit | edit source]

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Arsenal[edit | edit source]

All of the main three giant robos.

The "zords" within this series, as the subtitled version specifically states, are referred to as Savers. They combine into giant robots known as Giant Savers.

The Savers are normally under a smaller size, only until they land on the "expansion platform" do they increase in order to meet the basic values of a Giant Saver.

  • Ultimate Giant Saver
    • Giant Assault Saver
      • Giant Braver
        • Giant Saver
          • Fire Ape
          • Steel Boar
          • Ocean Shark
        • Golden Ox
        • Glacier Bear
      • Assault Saver
        • Thunder Lion
        • Sky Eagle
        • Jet Phoenix
    • Crack Saver
      • Feral Wolf
      • Galaxy Dragon
      • Spar Tortoise
      • Cannon Tiger

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • This is China's first installment of their own Super Sentai series.
  • Battle Strike Team Giant Saver is also known as Jushen ZhanJiDui.
    • Alternatively, the Chinese title can also be written as ZhanJiDui: Jushen as "ZhanJiDui" is where "Battle Strike Team" is translated from despite the possible misconception.
  • According to some behind the scenes images; all of the Team's suit actors are male, including the one's playing the female characters. Although, This is the first Battle Strike Team series to have a first female blue ranger.

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