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Gender: Male
Villain Type: Garban
Show: Chouseishin Gransazer
Homeworld: Garba
First Appearance: Revenge! Jet Black Soldier
Last Appearance: The Day of Resurrection
Number of Episode
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Actor: Takashi Taniguchi

Belzeus (ベルゼウス Beruzeusu) is a Garban in Chouseishin Gransazer.


Belzeus is a member of the Warp Monarch council and leader of both the Garban and the Earth Invasion Force, the one who set up the war after making his fellow members believe the human race is descended from the Bosquito race. In truth he wanted to take over Earth in order to gain a vital place in conquering the universe. To that end, he creates supports to his claim by using Logia to destroy the Crystal Slab to hide the truth and Luka to resurrect the last Bosquito to give Warp Monarch a reason to attack the Earth in full fury. When both failed, Belzeus decides to capture Ran and kill her before her abilities as the Communicator fully manifest, sending his Garba soldiers to exterminate both her and Ruby. Belzeus then arrives on Earth to personally kill Ran, defeating Pisces, Velsou, and Tragos. But when Ran's power as the Communicatior are finally invoked and contacted to the Warp Monarch's will, Belzeus' plans are revealed as Warp Monarch allows the Gransazers to destroy both Cabyron and the Garban mothership. With his plans ruined, Belzeus is knocked out by Logia as he takes the Garban to be brought before the Warp Monarch council to face judgement.

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