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Brave Storm
A movie for Silver Kamen and Super Robot Red Baron
Brave Storm
Release date November 10, 2017
Written by Junya Okabe
Directed by Junya Okabe

Brave Storm (ブレイブストーム Bureibusutōmu) is a 2017 Japanese tokusatsu movie created by Blast Entertainment. It is a reboot/crossover of the two Showa Era tokusatsu series Silver Kamen and Super Robot Red Baron.


In the year 2050 mankind is extinct on Earth. The last survivors, five Kasuga brothers, plan to use a time machine and exterminate invader the Killgis before he starts to invade Earth. They travel back in time to 2015 with the design data of the Killgis' giant robot Black Baron and their three powers: a device for identifying aliens, psychic powers, and powered suits. When the brothers arrive at the past, they contact roboticist Kenichiro Kurenai and start to build a giant robot Red Baron. However, Kenichiro cooperates in the manufacture of the robot on one condition. His younger brother Ken Kurenai gets embroiled in a fierce battle over the survival of Earth as the pilot of Red Baron. An Alien vs Reinforced Humans A Giant Robot vs a Giant Robot A fierce battle starts in Tokyo.



Red Baron
Silver Kamen Koji Kasuga



  • Alien Kyrghyz
Black Baron


  • Koji Kasuga: Shunsuke Daitou
  • Ken Kurenai: Shu Watanabe
  • Hitomi Kasuga: Mitsu Dan
  • Shu: Tom Fujita
  • Shigeru Izumiya
  • Koichi Kasuga
  • Borg: Yuki Matsuzaki
  • Kozo Kasuga: Soran Tamoto
  • Gentaro Shizuka: Yasufumi Terawaki
  • Haruka Kasuga: Chihiro Yamamoto
  • Kenichiro Kurenai: Hisashi Yoshizawa


Iron King Easter Egg
  • Iron King, the titled hero from the 1972 tokusatsu Iron King, was shown at the end of the movie, foreshadowing a future crossover of more Senkosha heroes.

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