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Flame Tribe
Chouseishin Gransazer
Led by: Tenma Kudou
Co-existed with: The Gransazers

The Flame Tribe is one of the four elemental tribes featured in Toho's 2003 show, Chouseishin Gransazer. It consists of Sazers Tairous, Mithras, and Lion, all of which possess fire-related abilities and weapons. Together, they can summon their tribe's Chouseishin, Garuda.


The Flame Tribe (炎のトライブ Honō no Toraibu) is the first of the four tribes to recognize Warp Monarch's threat to the planet Earth and the second to be fully assembled. Professor Horiguchi has been assisting them from the beginning, possibly due to the fact that Sazer Mithras, the first GranSazer to be awakened, had been his assistant before her awakening. The red-shaded armor that each Flame Tribe Sazer wears is based on various birds, which links them to their Chouseishin Garuda and, later on, their Flame-Driver Grand Vehicles.


Sazer Tairous Tenma Kudou
Sazer Mithras Mika Shidou
Sazer Lion Ken Shidou


Knuckle RiserEdit

A transformation device used by all GranSazers. When a Sazer needs to transform, the astrological symbol on the back of their left hand glows, which causes the device to materialize over the symbol. The Sazer can then don their armor by pressing the front of the device and using the call Equip! (装着 Sōchaku!).

Falcon BowEdit

Sazer Tairous's personal archery weapon, stylized after a falcon and mounted over his Knuckle Riser. With it, he can execute the "Burning Falcon" finisher, shooting a giant, fiery arrow from the Falcon Bow.

Swan SectorEdit

Sazer Mithras's personal set of fan-blades which resemble swan wings. She uses them in her finishing move, called the "Brand Tornado." In this attack, she summons a burning tornado and launches it at the enemy.

Double CrescentEdit

Sazer Lion's pair of swords, which he can use to execute the Hien Zan (Flying Swallow Cut), which sends a wave of fire.


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Trivias Edit

In contrast to wind tribe's professional career, all flame tribe employment or education status are short terms, making their own daily lifes unstable at best.

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