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Ninja Captors
Ninja Captor
Ninja Captor team
Led by: Daisuke Izumo
Ninja Captor unmasked


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Captor TeamEdit

Fire-Stealth Captor 7 Daisuke Izumo
Wind-Stealth Captor 6 Keita Izumi
Gold-Stealth Captor 5 Noboru Ooyama
Ground-Stealth Captor 4 Dan Kurokawa
Flower-Stealth Captor 3 María Sakurakouji Miki Tendou
Water-Stealth Captor 2 Sakon Shijou
Thunder-Stealth Captor 1 Saburoubee Fukuro

Team HistoryEdit

Daisuke Izumo graduates from the Wind-Demon Stealth-Army, a secret army aiming for the conquest of Japan. He instead escapes, and becomes the leader of the "Captor," a ninja team supervised by Mujin Tendou. The Captor team's mission is to battle the ninja sent out by the Wind-Demon General, Retsufuu Fuuma.



  • Fire Wheel Bullet: Fire-Stealth Captor 7's personal weapon.
    • Fire Escape: A technique used by Fire-Stealth Captor 7.
  • Wind Shell: Wind-Stealth Captor 6's personal weapon.
  • Disk: Gold-Stealth Captor 5's personal weapon.
  • Ground Staff: Ground-Stealth Captor 4's personal weapon.
  • Flower Nunchaku: Flower-Stealth Captor 3's personal weapon.
  • Rapid Stream Gun: Water-Stealth Captor 2's personal weapon.
  • Electric Rope: Thunder-Stealth Captor 1's personal weapon.




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