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Choujin Bibyun (超神ビビューン, Chōjin Bibyūn, lit. "Super-God Bibyun") is a classic tokusatsu series created by Shotaro Ishinomori and Toei. The series consists of 36 episodes which is a joint production of NET (now TV Asahi), and aired in Japan starting on July 6, 1976 until March 29, 1977 This series is also a sequel of Akumaizer 3.

On April 2020, Choujin Bibyun became one of the 70 shows to stream on the Toei Tokusatsu World Youtube channel.


Protecting the Earth from the invasion of the evil forces of the Akuma Clan led by the Akuma's commander Geberu, the Akumaizer 3 who destroyed it at the expense of them, had their soul trapped in a capsule by the curse of the Great Demon King Gulliver.

After this battle, a vicious Yokai appears on the Earth, in place of the Akuma Clan. A Yokai researcher, named Daizaburo Daima, gets attacked by the Yokai, Backbeard, until a University sophomore, named Kei Tsukimura, rescues him. For getting in the way, the Yokai places a curse on Tsukimura that prevents him from drinking and eating until he dies from either hunger or dehydration.

Dr. Daima, after finding out that Tsukimura is destined to fight Yokai, performs a ritual of the Seven Star Altar (七星壇, Shichiseidan), and puts down the most shining star of the entire universe, the Army Destroying Star (破軍星, Hagunsei), to the Earth. Tsukimura becomes one with the soul of Zabitan who descended from the Army Destroying Star, and transforms into the Choujin Bibyun that even exceeds God.

During his fight with the yokai that cursed him, Bibyun is joined by two other Choujin; Ichiro Suga = Choujin Bashaan (who inherited the soul of Evil), and Go Watabe = Choujin Zusheen (who inherited the spirit of Gabra). They manage to defeat Backbeard with their powers. The three Choujin decide to fight the Yokai to protect justice and peace, face the ambition of the Great Demon King, Gulliver, who controls Yokai from the shadows.


The Choujins

Bibyun Kei Tsukimura (Xavitan)
Bashaan Ichiro Suga (Evil)
Zusheen Go Watabe (Gabra)


Xavitan Xavitan
Evil Evil
Gabra Gabra


  • Great Demon King Gulver (24-36)
  • Yoki
  • Youkai
    • Backbeard (1)
    • Suiko (2)
    • Gariki (3, and 35)
    • Tundra (4)
    • Kodamaan (5)
    • Kagamirror (6, and 35)
    • Isuma (7, and 35)
    • Himawaru (8)
    • Demon Kettle (9, and 35)
    • Bagdad (10)
    • Kabenuri (11)
    • Moezou (12)
    • Haniwan (13)
    • Kasakappa (14)
    • Karasu Tengu (15)
    • Sakasabashira (16, and 36)
    • Kumonga (17)
    • Kanedama (18, and 36)
    • BuruBuru (19, and 36)
    • Amanojaku (20)
    • Fudema (21)
    • GamaGanma (22, and 36)
    • Chi Name (23)
    • Nekomata (24, and 36)
    • Bakuba (25, and 35)
    • Nobusuma (26)
    • Noberabo (27, and 35)
    • Yama Oni (28, and 36)
    • The Candle Blowing Witch (29)
    • Armored Priest (30)
    • Kagebou (31)
    • Hannya (32)
    • Kuruma Korogashi (33)
    • Jigoku Modoki (34)


  • Choujin Bibyun/Kei Tsukimura: Shigeru Araki
  • Choujin Zusheen/Go Watabe: Yasuhiko Yuchida
  • Choujin Bashaan/Ichiro Suga: Toshihiko Sakada
  • Daizaburo Daima: Koichi Uenoyama
  • Lisa Akechi: Miki Hayashi
  • Santa: Minami Tato
  • Shindo: Masashi Amenomori (voice)
  • Birin: Shun Yashiro (voice)
  • Great Demon King: Ryusuke Shiomi (voice)
  • Gulver: Goro Naya (voice)
  • Narrator: Ichiro Murakoshi


  • This is the third direct sequel to a non-Rider franchise done by Shotaro Ishinomori.

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