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Chouseishin GranSazer
Number 1 (SeiShin Series)
Number of episodes: 51
First episode: Awaken! The Warrior of the Stars
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Original airing: October 4, 2003
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Chouseishin GranSazer (超星神グランセイザー Chōseishin Guranseizā), translated as Super Star God GranSazer, is a Japanese tokusatsu that aired from October 4, 2003 to September 25, 2004. Produced by Toho Company, Ltd., the series ran for a total of 51 episodes and served as the first installment of Toho's SeiShin (Star God) series.


Some 400,000,000 years after an advanced human civilization was destroyed by an alliance of planetary conquerers known as Warp Monarch, 12 direct descendants of the civilization's warriors (called Sazers) awaken their powers and join forces with the other members of one their ancestors' four tribes: Flame, Wind, Earth and Water. Each Sazer is based on a Zodiac sign represented in an animal totem or spirit representation. At first, they wage war on each other, but after learning the truth of their ancestry and their reason for awakening, the GranSazer tribes unite to protect Earth from the Warp Monarch from once again extinguishing all life on the planet.

The GranSazers

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Flame Tribe

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Sazer Tairous Tenma Kudou
Sazer Mithras Mika Shidou
Sazer Lion Ken Shidou

Wind Tribe

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Sazer Remls Akira Dentsuin
Sazer Velsou Ryoko Amemia
Sazer Dain Jin Hakariya

Earth Tribe

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Sazer Tawlon Naoto Matsuzaka
Sazer Visuel Ran Saotome
Sazer Tragos  Gou Kamiya

Water Tribe

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Sazer Gorbion Makoto Sorimachi
Sazer Pisces Ai Uozumi
Sazer Gans Tappei Mikami


Warp Monarch

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The Cosmic Alliance Warp Monarch (宇宙連合ワープモナーク Uchûrengô Wāpu Monāku), also known as Uofu Manafu, are an interstellar monarchy with various planets under them. The reason for Warp Monarch destroying Earth's ancient civilization millennia ago was because of Bosquito running rampant on it. However, Belzeus, claiming that the humans are descended from the Bosquito, uses the Gransazers to encourage the Warp Monarch to finish the global genocide they started long ago.


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The Impactors

After Karin's death, the Impactors (インパクター Inpakutā) from Planet Impactor are entrusted with the mission to destroy Earth at all costs. The Impactors' culture is centered on honor and combat, using cards to switch between human form and fighting form. In the first part, Lucia and Radia were sent to use a meteor to wipe out Shinkujira Island, in order to destroy the final Chouseishin Leviathan before going after the other Chousishin. However, the meteor was hindered by Cloud Dragon and the fragments unearthed Leviathan instead. After the Water Tribe reveal themselves and awaken Levithan to kill Radia, Logia reveals himself. But after the plan with Guntras fails, the Impactors are ordered by the Warp Monarch to cease their attack on Earth.


From planet Garba, the Garbans (ガルバ星人 Garuba Seijin, 46-51) are the final alien menace the Gransazers battle with.

Other Aliens


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  1. Awaken! The Warrior of the Stars (目覚めよ!星の戦士 Mezame yo! Hoshi no Senshi?)
  2. Activate! Dolcruz (発動!ドルクルス Hatsudō! Dorukurusu?)
  3. Assemble! The Flame Tribe (結成!炎のトライブ Kessei! Honō no Toraibu?)
  4. Death! The Warrior of the Earth (死闘!大地の戦士 Shitō! Daichi no Senshi?)
  5. Burn! The Policeman's Soul (燃えろ!警官魂 Moero! Keikan Tamashii?)
  6. Clash! Wind, Fire and Earth (激突!風と炎と大地 Gekitotsu! Kaze to Honō to Daichi?)
  7. Run! To Save a Life (走れ!命を救うため Hashire! Inochi o Sukū Tame?)
  8. Descent! The Heavenly Dragon (降臨!天空の龍 Kōrin! Tenkū no Ryū?)
  9. Tremble With Fear! Karin's True Form (戦慄!かりんの正体 Senritsu! Karin no Shōtai?)
  10. Invasion! Akelon's Trap (侵略!アケロンの罠 Shinryaku! Akeron no Wana?)
  11. All Together! The 9 Sazers (結集!9人のセイザー Kesshū! Kyūnin no Seizā?)
  12. Climatic Battle! The Ultra Star Gods VS the Giant Star Beast (決戦!超星神対王ほし獣 Kessen! Chōseishin tai Ōboshijū?)
  13. Attack! The Impactors (襲撃!インパクター Shūgeki! Inpakutā?)
  14. Awaken! The Water Warriors (覚醒せよ!水の戦士 Kakusei seyo! Mizu no Senshi?)
  15. Rise! The Ulra Star God of the Water (伊達!水の超星神 Date! Mizu no Chōseishin?)
  16. Emergency! Commander Logia (非常!司令官ロギア Hijō! Shireikan Rogia?)
  17. Crisis! The Mankind Extermination Plan (危機!人類抹殺計画 Kiki! Jinrui Massatsu Keikaku?)
  18. The Strongest Enemy! Guntras (最強の敵!ガントラス Saikyō no Teki! Gantorasu?)
  19. Sortie! Guncesar (出撃!ガンシーサー Shutsugeki! Ganshīsā?)
  20. Fierce Fighting! Battle Ladies (激闘!バトルレディ Gekitō! Battoru Redi?)
  21. It's Coming! Earth's Final Day (迫る!地球最後の日 Semaru! Chikyū Saigo no Hi?)
  22. Look! The Fusion Ultra Star God (見よう!合体超星神 Miyō! Gattai Chōseishin?)
  23. Revenge! Logia's Challenge (復讐!ロギアの挑戦}Fukushū! Rogia no Chōsen?)
  24. Menace! Dailogian (脅威!ダイロギアン Kyōi! Dairogian?)
  25. Secret Maneuver! A New Enemy (暗躍!新たなる敵 Anyaku! Aratanaru Teki?)
  26. Different Dimension Prisoners (異次元の囚人 Ijigen no Shūjin?)
  27. Get Mad! The Flaming Certain-Death Swords (怒れ!炎の必殺剣 Okore! Honō no Hissatsu Ken!?)
  28. The Beautiful Fugitive (美しき逃亡者 Utsukushiki Tōbōsha?)
  29. Mobilize! Type-05 GS Assist Robot (出動!五式支援機 Shutsudō! Goshiki Shienkishi?)
  30. Velsou Runs Wild! (ヴェルソー,暴走! Verusō, Bōsō!?)
  31. The Princess Endangered! (王女様,危機一髪! Ojō-sama, Kiki Ippatsu!?)
  32. The Astronaut's Nightmare (宇宙飛行士の悪夢 Uchū Hikōshi no Akumu?)
  33. The Vengeful Demon, Logia Again (復讐の鬼,ロギア再び Fukushū no Oni, Rogia Futatabi?)
  34. Defeat, Dailogian! (倒せ,ダイロギアン Taose, Dairogian!?)
  35. Dancing Dream (ダンシングドリーム Danshingu Dorīmu?)
  36. Farewell Partner! (然らば相棒! Saraba Aibō!?)
  37. The Dolphins' Day (海豚の日 Iruka no Hi?)
  38. The Visitor from Ancient Times (迢古代からの来訪者 Chōkodai kara no Raihōsha?)
  39. Project Omega (プロジェクトオメガ Purojekuto Omega?)
  40. Revenge! Jet Black Soldier (逆襲!漆黒の戦士 Gyakushū! Shikkoku no Senshi?)
  41. Showdown! (対決 Taiketsu!?)
  42. Rebirth! The Ancient Life (甦得る!古代生命 Yomigae Eru! Kodai Seimei?)
  43. Executioner Bosquito (絶滅者ボスキート Zetsumetsusha Bosukīto?)
  44. Unraveled! The Enigmatic Ancient War (解明!迢古代戦争の謎 Kaimei! Chōkodai Sensō no Nazo?)
  45. Bosquito's Final Battle (ボスキート最終決戦 Bosukīto Saishū Kessen?)
  46. The Beginning of the End (終末の始まり Shūmatsu no Hajimari?)
  47. The Destruction's Prelude (滅亡の序曲 Metsubō no Jokyoku?)
  48. The Dragon's Memory, The Sacred Purpose (龍の記憶,天の意志 Ryū no Kioku, Ten no Ishi?)
  49. The Cosmic Alliance Army Begins Its Advance! (宇宙連合軍進撃開始! Uchūrengōgun Shingeki Kaishi!?)
  50. Tenma Dies! (天馬、死す! Tenma, Shisu!?)
  51. The Day of Resurrection (復活の日 Fukkatsu no Hi?)


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