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Chouseishin Guntras
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Show: Chouseishin Gransazer
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Length: m
Width: 13 m
Height: 59 m
Weight: 2100 tons


Chouseishin Guntras () is an individual Chouseishin.


Guntras is controlled by an advanced AI, superior to the other Chouseishin to have a will of his own. Initially hidden away in the Andes, referred as the "Great Shadow" in Peruvian legend, Guntras resurfaced when his Guntroller is repaired & Logia controls him, planning to use Guntras' oxygen fuel supply to have collide with the Sun & trigger a nova strong enough to evaporate Earth after killing the Gransazers first. Tenma eventually got the Guntroller & freed Guntras, who joined up with Cloud Dragon as an ally to the Sazers. Guntras is armed with an array of deadly weapons, among them a laser battery on his chest, a cannon on his forehead, & missile launchers on his body. He can fire & immediately replace his fists in his Twin Crusher attack, & his powerful feet can create devastating shockwaves in his Land Shake attack.

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