This article is about a/an villain in the live action movie, Cutie Honey.
Cobalt Claw
Gender: Male
Villain Type: General
Movie: Cutie Honey (movie)
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: Cutie Honey (movie)
Last Appearance: Cutie Honey (movie)
Number of Episode
1 (movie)
Full list of appearances
Actor: Shie Kohinata

Cobalt Claw is a member of the Panther Claw.

Character History Edit

Cobalt Claw was second in line to fight Cutie Honey. First she stole the body of Honey's boss, then she chases Honey and Nat-Chan into an elevator where she ditches the skin and reveals herself as Cobalt Claw. Cobalt would've been able to win but lost due to the I-System reacting to Honey's feelings of vengeance. Ultimately Cobalt Claw was melted.

Modus and ArsenalEdit

Cobalt Claw usually steals skin to get close to her victim, then she attacks with her 4 long braids, usually by tripping or gagging. If her braids are destroyed Cobalt Claw uses her contortionist body to unzip extra pockets in her suit that carry extra arms.



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Behind the ScenesEdit

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