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Wu Fa Tian Nv
Number TBA
Number of episodes: 30 (Season 1)
30 (Season 2)
First episode: TBA
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Original airing: May 1, 2016-June 1, 2017 (Season 1)
June 1, 2017-present (Season 2)

Dancing Baby Dofala (舞法天女朵法拉, Wǔfǎ Tiānnǚ Duǒfǎlā) is a 2016 magical girl tokusatsu series produced by Shanghai Herobox Studio. It is part of the Dancing Baby series.


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6000 years ago, in the Sky World, the Dancing Angels fought against the evil Dance Gang race. In the end, the Angels won, sealing the Dance Gang with a magic barrier.

However, in the present day, the King of the Dance Gang was determined to break the seal, and wreak havoc once more.

The Dance Item "Dofala", a treasure of the Sky World, was scattered to the Human World, and phased inside the body of a boy named Lan Tian (blue sky).

The Dance Gang went to Earth to know the whereabouts of the Dance Item.

The Queen sent her three Dancing Angels to Earth, at Dongyin Elementary School, to train three ordinary girls with pure hearts to become Dancing Babies, in order to protect the two worlds.


The Dancing Babies Edit

"Dancing Baby! (baby's name), Dress Up!" - Transformation phrase.

Baby Name Human Name
DoMi Baby (朵蜜天女) An Zhenzhen (安真真)
FaSo Baby (法苏天女) Lin Jiashan (朵法拉 导演)
LaTi Baby (拉缇天女) Chen Meigui (安真真)
Ruishan Baby (芮闪天女) Su Ailei (苏爱蕾)


  • Sky/Lan Tian (蓝天): He is a fourth-grade student in Dongyin Primary School. In season to he is promoted to sixth grade. He is also a classmate and friend of Lin Jiashan. He is the Guardian of Dofala. In the end, he and the four Dancing Babies together eliminated the leader of the Dance Gang.
  • Yana (雅娜)
  • Yis (伊斯)
  • Froty (芙洛媞)


  • The Dance-Gang Race (混族)
    • Kulong the Jazz (枯龙)
    • Lisi the Pop-Jazz (里斯)
    • Watson the Hip-Hop (猾士厄)
    • Uli the Samba (乌丽)
    • Penba the Tribe (砰芭)
    • Kacha the Popping (咔恰)
  • Puppet Monsters


  • Miao Zhongzhen (苗钟真) as An Zhenzhen
  • Danni Lin (林丹妮) as Lin Jiashan
  • Wang Chen Yixian (王陈怡娴) as Chen Meigui
  • Huang Zeyi (黄则怡) as Su Ailei
  • Chen Kefan (陈柯帆) as Lan Tian/Sky


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