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Devilman (デビルマン) is a live-action film adaptation of Go Nagai's 1972 manga of the same name.


The weak teenager Akira Fudo has been protected by his best friend Ryo Asuka since they were children. When Akira's parents die in an accident, the family Makimura brings him to live with them, and Akira falls in love for the gorgeous Miki Makimura. When the father of Ryo accidentally opens a gate to hell in Antarctica, demons are released, merging with humans to survive. Akira hosts Amon and becomes Devilman but keeping his humanity while Ryo hosts Satan. The hysteria and panic replaces reason and mankind initiates a war against the demons, but destroying also themselves.


Akira Fudo
  • Satan /Ryo Asuka
  • Miki Makimura
  • Miko
  • Tare Makimura
  • Susumu
  • Sirene
  • Jinmen
  • Ghelmer


  • Akira Fudo: Hisato Izaki
  • Ryo Asuka: Yusuke Izaki
  • Miki Makimura: Ayana Sakai
  • Miko: Asuka Shibuya
  • Keisuke Makimura (Miki's father): Ryudo Uzaki
  • Emi Makimura (Miki's mother): Yoko Aki
  • Sirene: Ai Tominaga
  • World Newscaster: Bob Sapp
  • Hiroyuki Matsumoto
  • LAPD: Mark Musashi


  • The live-action film adaptation of Devilman was generally, critically and universally panned by both most movie reviewers and audiences as well as Devilman fans and Go Nagai's fans for its mostly bad acting, disjointed and confusing story, plot line and script, poor special effects, overuse of CGI, less faithfulness to the source material and the casting of various popular celebrities with no prior acting experience. In an online poll, it was ranked the 3rd worst live action film adaptation of an anime or manga.

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