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Eiji Ishiguro
Gender: Male
Show: Tomica Hero Rescue Force
Color: black
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: Final Rescue Approved: Explosive Suppression Complete!
Last Full Appearance: Save the Earth: Great Wyvern GX
Number of Episode Appearances: 51 (Rescue Force)
1 (Movie)
3 (Rescue Fire)
Full list of appearances
Actor: Hiroaki Iwanaga

Eiji Ishiguro is Rescue Force's captain and R5, donning a black armor. He gives approvals for Final Rescues and is a tough member.


Rescue Force

1st Generation Team

Eiji Ishiguro was part of the first Rescue Force along with Kamiya (R2), Naomi Okamura (R3), Natsuno Nanbu (R4), and Obuchi (R1), his senior.

Eiji saw Obuchi design some technology. The first one he noticed was of a design of a robot called Rescue Max. But the technology to make it was unavailable and it took another decade to develop it. Another time, he watched Obuchi trying the Max Program that would allow the user to transform into R1 Max. But the data was incomplete, and Obuchi often got injured by it.

On one mission, Ishiguro and Obuchi went to a mountain foreign lab. Turned out the energy the lab developed was to be used for a man-made volcano, which caused an explosion. R5 survived, but Obuchi seemingly to perish in the blaze.

2nd Generation Team

File:RescueForce R5.png

Rescue Fire


Eiji Ishiguro is tough and usually wise. It was revealed that as R5, he develops a gruff and rash personality, causing him to make hasty actions. This problem was fixed by Hikaru and a man from a restaurant he knew. Ishiguro was also seen to have a soft side, as he cuddles his bear when scared.


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