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Enban Sensou Bankid (円盤戦争バンキッド, Enban Sensō Bankiddo) is a 1976 tokusatsu series made by Toho. The series was a joint production with Nippon Television and aired in Japan from October 3, 1976 until March 23, 1977.

This was Toho's first direct answer to the Super Sentai series (particularly the first series, Himitsu Sentai Gorenger, which was still running on TV Asahi at the time), in that this series has five color-coded superheroes (a red leader, blue, pink, and two yellows). This series is also notable in that veteran designer Tohl Narita (the designer of Ultraman, Ultra Seven, the Gargantuas, etc.) designed the Bukimi Aliens, starting with Episode #6.


In this series, a team of five kids (a teenage boy, a teenage girl, and three young boys, two of whom are siblings), form the top-secret "Bankid" superhero team ("Bankid" is derived from the Japanese word "enban" - "saucer"), to fight the evil Bukimi Aliens ("bukimi" - Japanese for "weird," "eerie"), led by the mysterious Commander Guzare, who plots to invade Earth.


The Bankid Team.


Bankid Pegasus Noboru Tenma
Bankid Dragon Ryuuichi Uzaki
Bankid Rabbit Ryuuji Uzaki
Bankid Ox Jiro Ushijima
Bankid Swan Honoka Shiratori


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  • Komando Guzashi
  • Ensign Esgar
  • Lieutenant Buizun
  • Captain Zettors
  • Captain Emzin
  • Lieutenant Waizer
  • Lieutenant Daburys
  • Lieutenant Arbaren
  • Major Yuburo
  • Major Exes
  • Lieutenant Tifun
  • Captain Tibas
  • Captain Odakof
  • Corporal Pigal
  • Doctor Teron
  • Lieutenant Eldon
  • Colonel Kyuga
  • Sergeant Enupyi
  • Major Enubal
  • Major Keitabo
  • Major Jede
  • Captain Aibirun
  • Lieutenant Colonel Eitchidoba
  • Lieutenant Colonel Jidoh
  • Lieutenant Colonel Efzoro
  • Colonel Iguran
  • Pierron
  • Colonel Digel
  • Major General Sibes
  • Major General Bigomes
  • Bernu
  • Lieutenant General Egarin
  • Commander Guzare

Supporting Characters

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  • Noboru Tenma (天馬 昇, Tenma Noboru)Bankid Pegasus (バンキッドペガサス, Bankiddo Pegazasu)Eiji Okuda (奥田 瑛二, Okuda Eiji)
  • Ryuuichi Uzaki (宇崎 龍一, Uzaki Ryūichi)Bankid Dragon (バンキッドドラゴン, Bankiddo Doragon)Tomohiro Tanabe
  • Ryuuji Uzaki (宇崎 龍二, Uzaki Ryūji)Bankid Rabbit (バンキッドラビット, Bankiddo Rabitto)Tatsuyuki Tsuji
  • Ichiro Ushijima (牛島 一郎, Ushijima Ichirō )Bankid Ox (バンキッドオックス, Bankiddo Okkusu)Akinori Umezu
  • Honoka Shiratori (白鳥 ほのか, Shiratori Honoka)Bankid Swan (バンキッドスワン, Bankiddo Suwan)Yoshie Suzuki
  • Hirohiko Uzaki (宇崎 博彦, Uzaki Hirohiko )Hiroshi Yagyu
  • Tokie Uzaki (宇崎 とき枝, Uzaki Tokie)Toki Shiozawa
  • Isao Uzaki (宇崎 巌, Uzaki Isao)Masami Shimojo
  • Komando Guzashi (グザレ司令, Guzare Shirei)Kiyoshi Kobayashi
  • Narrator (ナレーター, Narētā)Ryo Kurosawa


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