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Fire Leon
Number of episodes: 26
First episode: Round 1: Fire Leon Up!
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Original airing: April 6, 2013 - June 22

(Season 1)
October 5, 2013 - January 4, 2014 (Season 2)


Fire Leon (ファイヤーレオン Faiyā Reon) is a tokusatsu produced by Bushiroad.


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Fire LeonEdit

Fire Leon

Fire Leon

Fire Leon Takeru Goudoh



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  1. Round 1: Fire Leon Up!
  2. Round 2: Clash Buruzakku!
  3. Round 3: Jadu Infiltrate a Secret Base!
  4. Round 4: Fight to the Death Sucking Gyarasshi!
  5. Round 5: Head-butting Kokobatto of Hell!
  6. Round 6: The Deep-Shooting Mystery Man Revealed!
  7. Round 7: Strongest Villain of the Universe Iron Swansea!
  8. Round 8: Any Miracles? Lion Desperate!
  9. Round 9: Mask That Was Robbed
  10. Round 10: Truth of the Surprise La Doll!
  11. Round 11: It Jandore! Deathblow Defeat!
  12. Round 12: Birth Kisaragi Julia!
  13. Round 13: Beast of the Impact Law Breaking!
  14. Round 14: Flow of Extreme Come!
  15. Round 15: Hero Jar de Commander of Wonder!
  16. Round 16: Tag of Desperate Struggle Burn!
  17. Round 17: Takeru of One Another Shiver!
  18. Round 18: Jadu Infiltration of Suicide Close Call!!
  19. Round 19: Life or Death Battle Largest Ever!?!
  20. Round 20: Awake, Battle of Leon goddesses.
  21. Round 21: Treasure Tsutagan Appeared Cursed!
  22. Round 22: Countdown to Undecipherable Death!
  23. Round 23: Awakening Strongest Warrior Kureiga Singh!
  24. Round 24: Supernatural Battle Battle Climax! Fate!


  • A second season was announced to start on October 5.[2]

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