Garage Hero Reel

Garage Hero Reel

Garage Hero (ガレージヒーロー) is an independent film group, based in Tokyo, Japan that specializes in the production of low-budget tokusatsuJidaigeki, comedies, and dramas.  They're known as the only group of foreigners in Japan ever to produce and market their own tokusatsu, usually aimed at a more older audience due to content depicting scenes of graphic violence, mature situations, and adult humor.  

Because of their budget limitations, as well as Tokyo's strict regulations on film locations, they're usually forced to shoot in a "guerrilla" or "run-and-gun" style of film making, made famous by film director Robert Rodriguez. It is over the years of learning their way around the system that the crew of Garage Hero have become able to film in Tokyo more freely than even the biggest of Hollywood productions.


Garage Hero was founded in 2010 by Bueno, a Filipino Canadian living in Tokyo. While Bueno was an avid fan of Kamen Rider, he wasn't keen on the new direction the series was taking and decided to make his own tokusatsu, which would combine his piety for Heisei Kamen Rider, Hong Kong Action Films, and Bueno's favorite comedian, Ken Shimura . The result was Garage Hero's first film: Gun Caliber. The boys of Garage Hero also share their techniques of tokusatsu film making through their online tutorial web-series, Tokusatsu Film School. To this day, the group continues to make their own productions in Tokyo and sell them abroad.

Productions Edit

Gun Caliber (2010) - Film/Web-series

Tetsudon: Fools Japan, The ABCs of Tetsudon, Asakusa (2014) - Short film

Ayakashi Zamurai (2016) - Web-series (produced in co-operation with Toei and YouTube Tokyo)

Inzector Alpha (2016) - Web short

Suzaku (2017) - Web short

Red Sun (2017) - Web short

Futureman NEXT (2017) - Web short

Nevalion (2017) - Web short

Tokusatsu Film School (2017 - Ongoing) - Tutorial web series

Tetsudon: The Kaiju Dream Match, John and Ravolta (2017) - Short film

Strega (2018) - Currently in production

Members Edit

Bueno - Founding member, actor, director, action director, VFX, editor, suit fabrication/sculpting/mold making, executive producer.

Fernando Ramos - Founding member, director, cameraman, 1st AD, translator, producer

Daryl Delosreyes - Founding member, AD

Joey Min - Founding member, action choreographer, stunt work, cameraman

Michael Anthony Kinder - Founding member, actor, stunts

Kouji Makita - Founding member, 2nd AD, driver

Raymond Allen Arcega - Cameraman

Daisuke Komatsu - Suit fabrication/sculpting/mold making/miniatures

Ryo Kumaou - Actor, writer, 1st AD

Hiroyuki Taniguchi - Action coordinator, stunts, actor

Keisaku Kimura - Actor, acting coach

Joel Diaz - Narrator/voice actor, SNS manager

Gideon J Goh - Designs/illustrator

Past Members Edit

Mike Dent - Founding member, VFX

Sean Nicol - Founding member, actor, production assistant

MB McClain - Production assistant

Max Ellis - Cameraman

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