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Mystic Knight of Forest
Gender: Male
Show: Mystic Knights of Tir Na Nog
Color: Brown
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: Garrett and the Princess
Last Full Appearance: Banished
Number of Episode Appearances: 11
Full list of appearances
Actor: Ben Palmer
Mystic Knight of Forest
"Forest before me!"

Garret is the Mystic Knight of Forest of the Mystic Knights.


Garrett is the prince of Reged, an ally of Kells. Garrett and Deirdre were promised in marriage and therefore, Garrett first came to Kells to claim his bride. Prior to joining the other knights, he was magically controlled by Queen Maeve, leading him to act against the knights in wicked fashion. However, they eventually freed him with a magic potion and he joined the team. Garrett has the unique ability to command any animal by locking eyes with it. His weapons are the Twin Timber Axes which shoot a beam of energy. To obtain his brown and gold Mystic Armor, he had to defeat a Giant Spider that dwelled in the Banshee Woods. To don his armor, he shouts "Forest before me!". In exchange for returning Princess Lynette to her homeland, Garrett was given the Dragon Bow Vehicle and he returned with it when the Mystic Knights were facing Lugad.


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Mystic Knight of ForestEdit



Twin Timber AxesEdit

These two small axes have the capability to send out bursts of green energy as they are affiliated with the element Forest. In close-quarter combat, they can be used like normal axes. Garrett used these after he learned that trust and friendship can go a long way, he was granted the axes to call upon his armor with. 


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