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Gender: Male
Show: Shougeki Gouraigan
Color: Green
Homeworld: Chou Shnikai
First Appearance: Delirious Dancing
Last Full Appearance: The First and Last Time
Number of Episode Appearances: 11
Full list of appearances
Actor: Hirose Tomoki

Geki is a Hikairbito and one of the main 5 heroes of the show Shougeki Gouraigan.

Character HistoryEdit

Geki was a Hikaribito who became a Kageribito when he made machines malfunction and wreak havoc across Chou Shinkai simply for his own amusement and to gain power. He was eventually imprisoned for his crimes and was to be transported to The Land of Exile until Jin escaped and freed him along with the other prisoners.

Upon his arrival on Earth, he became fascinated with video games and challenged hardcore players of a DDR-type game to duels, being the victor every time. Later, Hitomi happens to meet him by chance, browsing her grandma's pawn shop and playing a rare Famicom Game on their TV. She informs Rai and Gou and Gou pursues him to the club where the DDR Machine is. After dueling and beating a friend of Hitomi's named Ryoko and a Magii challenges him, Gou interrupts and after a brief dancing competition, challenges him to a real duel on The Battlefield. At first Geki uses his natural agility to counter Gou's power but Gou manages to land a few hits. When the duel enters Weapon Advent, Geki manages to overpower Gou using his weapon's speed against Gou's sword and then amplify its power by creating illusionary copies of himself to summon a larger version of it and confuse Gou. Gou complains that he is not fighting fair and demands he fights one on one, but Geki states he is merely using his skill against his. This gives Gou an idea and using his Minds Eye ability, he finds him and strikes him with his sword. Defeated, Geki accepts becoming Gou's subordinate but does not acknowledge his defeat, saying he lost to his skill and nothing more. At the Pawn shop, Geki becomes a part time worker alongside Rai and Gou and demonstrates his mechanical prowess by turning a broken down bike Rai found that Grandma said couldn't be sold into a brand new unicycle.


A pedantic and suave individual, Geki is a cool, calm individual with a knack for machines and a love of video games.



Geki has superhuman reflexes and a fighting style reminiscent of Tai Chi.

Weapon AdventEdit

  • ???: A green and gold orb that resembles a prayer bead. Geki uses this weapon as a projectile and can manipulate where it moves and enhance its size


  • Geki's true form resembles that of a gecko.


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