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Glou Man Chou
Glou Man Chou
Gender: Male
Villain Type: Leader
Show: France Five
First Appearance: Hypnostreum's Attack! Don't Lose the Guide!
Last Appearance: This Time, It's the End. Antoine faces his Destiny!
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Glou Man Chou is the ruler of the Lexos empire and the ultimate villain of France Five.

Character HistoryEdit

Glou Man Chou is the ruler of the interplanetary Lexos empire who desired to conquer the planet Earth, but was prevented from sending his armies in a full-scale invaison by a force field generated by the Eiffel Tower. He was only able to send small bands of his followers to Earth at a time to enact plans to destroy the tower.

After his minions' repeated failures he sent for his son, Zakaral, to take command of the invasion. Zakaral managed to disable the force field and permit Lexos to invade the Earth. France Five continued to fight back and were ultimately able to defeat Zakaral and the rest of the Lexos warriors before finding their way to Glou Man Chou's throne room. He offered them the chance to join him but was rebuffed. His power almost overwhelmed them before they managed to fight back with the Fist of Justice attack. Glou Man Chou was enlarged by Cancrelax, destroying his fortress in the process.

In his giant Absolute Ruler Form, Glou Man Chou was nearly unbeatable, easily overpowering the new France Robot. France Five was able to match his power after combining their mecha with the Machine Chanteclerc into the Robot d'Artagnan, however, and took the battle into space to keep from destroying Paris. After a lengthy fight they were able to finish him off by impaling him with the robot's sword, but this caused his energy to build up toward a cataclysmic explosion. Red Fromage stayed behind to keep Glou Man Chou from falling to Earth before the explosion finished him and the robot both off.


Glou Man Chou was a fairly typical power-crazed conqueror. He was interested only in expanding his own power and only had use for others as long as they were useful to his plans. He didn't even care when France Five killed his own son, seeing Zakaral as an unworthy failure after being defeated.


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