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Golden Bat
A movie for Golden Bat
Golden Bat
Release date December 21,1966
Directed by Hajime Sato

Golden Bat (黄金バット Ōgon Batto)is a 1966 movie by Toei based off of the character of the same name.


Professor Yamatone and his family visit present day Egypt, and discover an ancient tomb belonging to a god of justice, (and) protector of the weak. When the Professor is taken captive later by Gorgo, agent of the evil Dr. Erich Nazō (ナゾー) (also known as Dr Zero), his daughter Mari pleads for the god of justice to save her father. As she starts to cry, her tears fall into the ancient tomb, reviving Golden Bat, who comes to her aid. From then on, the little girl calls on the Golden Bat to fight against evil - usually in the form of Doctor Zero.


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  • Sonny Chiba as Professor Yamatone
  • Wataru Yamakawa as Akira Kazahaya
  • Hisako Tsukuba as Naomi Akiyama
  • Emiri Takami as Emiry Beard
  • Andrew Hughes as Dr. Parl
  • Hirohisa Nakada as Agent Shimizu
  • Kōsaku Okano as Agent Nakamura
  • Kouji Sekiyama as Space Killer Nazō
  • Youichi Numada as Keroido'
  • Keiko Kuni as Perania
  • Keiichi Kitakawa as Jackal
  • Yukio Aoshima as Police Officer


  • Golden Bat is considered to be Japan's first superhero, created in 1930 by Ichiro Suzuki and Takeo Nagamatsu. He first appeared in Kamishibai stories and survived the meduim's decline by transitioning to anime and manga. His debut in 1930 makes him an earlier example of a modern superhero, appearing eight years before Superman made his debut in Action Comics #1.

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