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Gou Kazama
Gou Kazama
Gender: Male
Show: Shichisei Toshin Guyferd
Color: Red
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: The Birth of Guyferd
Last Full Appearance: Eternal Vow
Number of Episode Appearances: 26
Full list of appearances
Actor: Masaaki Okabe

Gou Kazama is the main protagonist of the show, who was trained in martial arts, but wasn't motivated to fight, because of his pacifist mentality. However, after having his body modified by Crown and realizing that he was the only one who was able to stop the evil organization, he decided to start fighting. At first, he had trouble using his powers, but after meeting the spiritual mentor of the Ken'nou-ryu, he managed to use the power of the five elemental "energies " (Fire, Water, Earth, Nature and Metal) and the two ethereal energies (Air and Star), and turn those energies and his life force into deadly attacks to defeat his enemies. Besides, as a trained and very talented martial artist, he was already a dangerous match for his opponents. While he is a good-natured man, he was very angered by the misdeeds of Crown. Moreover, he suffered from not being an human being anymore, even if his friend reminded him that the most important thing, his good heart, was still making him being human despite his modified body.

Character HistoryEdit

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Special AttacksEdit

  • Kyokuseiken (極星拳 Ultimate Star Fist): Utilizing Star energy, Guyferd can deliver this powerful move as his final attack.
  • Rekkageki (烈火撃 Blazing Hit): Utilizing Fire energy, Guyferd rapidly punches his opponent before using a smashing blow with his right fist.
  • Jiraishin (地雷震 Landmine Shock): Utilizing Earth energy, Guyferd deliver a crushing kick upside the head at blinding speed.
  • Fukaranbu (風花乱舞 Air Flower Dance): Utilizing Natural energy, Guyferd repeatedly execute a drop kick attack on his opponent.
  • Bakuraiha (爆雷波 Depthcharge Attack): Utilizing Metal energy, Guyferd uses the air currents to deliver a flying drop kick against his opponents.
  • Saigekishu (碎撃蹴 Smashing Hit Kick): Utilizing Water energy, Guyferd uses a drop kick to severely wound an opponent.
  • Gekiryusho (撃竜衝 Thrusting Dragon Attack): Utilizing Aerial energy, Guyferd delivers a destructive ‘cross’ karate chop attack.
  • Renki Kyokuseiken (連気極星拳 Combined Energy Ultimate Star Fist): Used in the final episode of the series. A powerful attack resulting from the combination of Guyferd's and Deathferd's Kyokuseikens.


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