"Blow Storm, Storm, Storm!"
―Transformation announcement of Arashi[src]

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Hayate (ハヤテ) is the protagonist in 1972 tokusatsu drama Henshin Ninja Arashi, which transformed into Arashi the Transformed Ninja (変身忍者 嵐 Henshin Ninja Arashi, lit. "Storm").

Character History[edit | edit source]

Hayate was born in a family who has served as right-hand man of the Majinsai, the leader of the Blood Wheel Party for generations. Knowing Majinsai's evil ambitions, he voluntarily offers himself to turn into Transformed Ninja Arashi by using secret techniques invented by his father; Tani no Majuu, known as Human Transformation Secrets (人間変身の秘伝 Ningen Henshin no Hiden). After his father was killed as soon as the Blood Wheel Party learned of their plans to leave the group, Hayate vows to avenge his father's death, and traveled throughout Japan, accompanied by local Iga ninja: Tatsumaki, his children Kasumi and Tsumuji, and a mysterious ninja who helps Arashi fight against the Blood Wheel Party and their Incarnated Ninja.

Halfway through the series, the Blood Wheel Party sends the Western Youkai Army after Arashi. Injured in a fight, Arashi is helped by the unknown ninja who reveals himself to be Tsukinowa, Hayate's brother. The brothers would merge and become Shinsei Arashi and finally defeat the man pulling the strings, Great Satan.

Arashi the Transformed Ninja[edit | edit source]

Hayate shouts "Blow, Arashi, Arashi, Arashi" (吹けよ嵐、嵐、嵐 Fukeyo Arashi, Arashi, Arashi) while taking a transformation pose, and when he hit his sword's guard on his back, his cranial nerves start abnormal activity due to the sword's special vibration, changing the cell arrangement of his body and transforming him into Arashi. Since Episode 21, he began to transform himself with only poses and shouts without using a sword[note 1]. Defeat the enemy with quick movements and numerous ninjutsu, Arashi also has an ability to find the enemy's whereabouts with a smell even if he can't see. The main weapons are the same sword as Hayate used for transformation, Hayakaze, and Feather Shuriken as before the transformation. Also used bows and arrows, flying kites, explosive balls, blowguns, and lanterns. The main special moves are Secret Sword Shadow Break and Arashi Whirlwind Cut.

Arashi, who was dropped into the crater by Majinsai in episode 39, united with his brother Tsukinowa in the lava and powered up to become Shinsei Arashi (新生嵐 lit. "New Storm"). The weapon used is Baton and the special move is Gun Beam. Arashi transforms by jumping while taking the same pose as before joining while screaming "Henshin" (変身 lit. "Transformation"). There is a weakness that when he transforms, his mother, who has been cursed by Great Satan, suffers from hell, and cannot transform frequently. Arashi transforms back into human by saying "Gyaku Henshin" (逆変身 lit. "Reverse Transformation").

Equipment and Techniques[edit | edit source]

Hayakaze[edit | edit source]

Hayate's signature katana that allows him to transform into Henshin Ninja Arashi. It is also his primary weapon when fighting the Yokai Ninja. He can perform techniques such as Hikenkagashashi where Arashi draws the Hayakaze at an enemy, projecting a shadow that measures the distance between them while light reflected off the sword creates an illusionary doppelganger before cutting an enemy.

Feather Shuriken[edit | edit source]

Arashi's secondary weapon which he uses to great effects with attacks and diversions.

Ninjutsu[edit | edit source]

  • Fast Wind (Hayakaze): Ai-gatana that Hayate is using from the previous transformation. In the first 19 episodes and against the way of attracted magnet of Kibagitsune, it was changed to make the sword in the metal that can not be attracted to a magnet.
  • Secret Sword Shadow Copy: Ai-gatana reflects the enemy shadow of the blade of the "fast-style", and peppered the light measure the Maai, deathblow that can by mad the timing in the illusion. Although sword way was not particularly determined, it is unified into a pattern put sword After plummeted by a jump after. Such Togenamazu the (body covered with oil), and also effective for normal slashing is not effective partner. It is also possible to distinguish the body of the alter ego the opponent. Ultrasound of the dead owl also I was bouncing in this technique. Although so from getting to the nascent storm to use Ganbimu as deathblow, are skipping I 刎 Satan's head in this trick in the final times.

In setting the Secret Sword Shadow Break also but unused application technique called. In the battle of the tussock moth Kunoichi, when put sword aiming arm only sword two-stage using the application technique called.

  • Sword Storm Whirlwind: After a whirlwind by rotation sword, deathblow to kill the enemy. It is also possible to use a whirlwind rotation to extinguish the flames. I blew the smoke of death of Madara. Dive to the whirlwind rotation while Dropping Storm Whirlwind , was bouncing a hell of sand and siren of waves of golem Storm Whirlwind-Back , was used at a final decisive battle caused a Storm Whirlwind is also applied technique called.
  • Feather Shuriken: In addition to cross-shaped and dagger type, and some with a chain. It's setting of using the feathers of the body as a shuriken, but can be used even before transformation.
  • Ninja Wings Hidden: And to dazzle enemy of eyes Sprinkle a lot of feathers. Is used when you want to mainly withdrawal.
  • Baton: The weapons from becoming neoplastic storm began to be used instead of a sword. Jute-like weapon that expands and contracts. The use as blow weapon of course, you can put the whip from the tip, even beam with a power of deathblow grade possible fire. was transformed into a long sword that magic Awnings of mystics is equipped it is possible to break the enemy of art is.
  • Ray-Ganbimu of Justice: Deadly Attack nascent storm. I shoot a ray from the eye. Specter that was overthrown in this technique can not be resurrected in witchcraft by Satan of magic. Although the cross of light emitted from the originally binocular was video effects only rotation, it was changed to guess beam technique using synthetic drawing later.
  • Dropped Lightning: High in the air and soar, deathblow rip cut the enemy while dive. I defeated Dokudanuki and Barara.
  • Storm Jump Throw: Grasp the enemy jumps, and fling the enemy in the air. And fling the hard boar Bligh than steel, it was defeated by hitting the cannon.
  • Cross and Shoot: Deathblow that defeated the weak Dracula to the Cross. Make a fast wind and cross crossed the two swords that took from Genin, put the sword alternately in both sword to chance that the enemy is daunting, to add a blow with crossed sword to stop.
  • Sword Storm Lightning: To jump, deathblow to determine the sword descent from drilling rotation in the air. I defeated Dotemu.
  • Through Storm Rock: Deathblow to throw the sword to jump. I defeated Warasu.
  • Pot Sperm Allocation: The gremlin that escapes entered the sky to fly pot, it was cut in two in the pot every vertical in the air tricks.
  • Ninja Freely Rope: Move to the instruction as expected, I shoot a retractable rope. The Harimegurashi to net the rope between the trees, was confined poison toughness.
  • Leap of Ninja Storm: Powerful jump. Used in the fifth episode.
  • Ninja Stepping Stone: Over the enemy populations of shoulder, and go around behind the enemy across to as across the stepping stones. Used in the fifth episode.
  • Is Passed Through Ninja Rock: To retreat and causing an explosion in the rocks. Use in the ninth episode.
  • Flame Shuriken: I broke the "dark night call (wrap in darkness around)" ninja of dead owl.
  • Ninja-Back Spear: The spear throwing sucking centipede I deflected it with his sword.
  • Ninja Firefighter Cloth (Cut): Is changed to a large cloth (cut) Remove the muffler of purple wearing, erase and cover the top of the fire. Used bushy magic to generate the flame around in ninja flame hell, was sealed the movement is covered with a cloth to the enemy and at the same time put out the fire.
  • Surgery Instead Only: Used in the first 14 episodes. After being dropped in the cliff, shortly to defeat came playback Monsters, and laid one of them (the Togenamazu) next to let me garbled on Hayate, a pass play Monsters of corpses around the, shortly came cannibalism glass me was misleading. In Episode 25 was pulled the trap of enemies replaced with straw doll.
  • Finger Blinding: I poke the enemy of both eyes at the left hand of the finger. Used for otter.
  • Iga Thunder: The blow up The Magic House of Dokudanuki, were used to escape explosives.
  • Ninja Numbness Smoke: And blinded the Franken of eyes by throwing a smoke ball of numbness medicine containing, was rescued the injured tornado.
  • Tied Storm Lightning: To stop the movement of the enemy off a blitz from dagger type blades shuriken, and throw a shuriken. Use the neck of Franken that can the body to pieces, was allowed to numb the neck and body at the same time.
  • Storm Square-Breaking: Technique that was used in order to escape from the Sphinx of curse of the box. Four pictures of spider in the box is the source of the curse of the force, was to destroy the box by attacking at once be extended after crossed hands.
  • Makeover Surgery: In garbled on Iga Ninja black circles that were killed in witch Zaruba, was misleading the Zaruba.
  • Exorcism: Use before transformation. Has signed a sign with both hands, put a yell. I was brought back to the original the sister of sisters took to Dotemu art of.
  • Ninja Soil Diving: Moment in my dive into the ground. To say that "dive", and disappear as a mobile instant, without leaving even hole. Used in the first 31 episodes.
  • Mondokoro: In order to cut off a chi waves of siren in Episode 36, and use as ear plugs.
  • Ninja Sky Ran Art: Used in Episode 39. Climb the crater of the volcano in flight while holding a Everyplace and Tsuyuha.

Notes[edit | edit source]

Recognition[edit | edit source]

Henshin Ninja Arashi is featured as #40 in the 1986 archive compilation video Toei 100 Great Heroes Super Fight.

References[edit source]

  1. Kodansha. (1995). "TV-Magazine Special Edition: Henshin Hero Super Complete Works". pp. 144-149, "EPISODE GUIDE 47 episodes". ISBN 4-06-178419-6.

Footnotes[edit | edit source]

  1. The transformation scene called "Transformation due to the vibration of the sword's guard" was quickly simplified as it was unpopular from the production side as "too redundant" immediately after the program started. Arashi suddenly appeared from the middle stage, and it was planned to increase Arashi's turn[1].
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