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Honey human form
Cutie Honey
Honey Kisaragi
Gender: Female
Show: Cutie Honey: The Live
Color: Red
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: Honey Flash!
Last Full Appearance: Dr. Kisaragi's Notebook!
Number of Episode Appearances: 26
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Actor: Mikie Hara
Cutie Honey
Honey Live

Honey Kisaragi (如月 ハニー Kisaragi Hanī) is an android girl who can transform into the titular Cutie Honey.

Character HistoryEdit

On a few occasions, the energy of her Honey System goes out of control and begins to destroy everything that she touches. When this happens, Honey sleeps for three days and then goes into a berserker mode. To prevent this, Seiji has a device that will drain away the excess energy and return her to normal. To date, this has only occurred twice.

After finding out that both Miki and Yuki could transform as well, she tries to unite the three of them against Panther Claw. However, their clashing personalities have made this difficult. It was also revealed that she was the one who buried her father, Doctor Kisaragi, one year ago. However, she does not know the cause of his death.

After driving off Hikaru, Honey brings Miki's lifeless body to Mayumi, requesting an operation in order to revive her. Mayumi accepts, but tells Honey that Miki would be depressed if she is to go on with the operation. Regardless, she is prepared. However, Hikaru once again manages to mess up the proceedings, and even steals Honey's power in the process. With Yuki's help, he is driven off one more time. After hearing Yuki's request to kill Honey, she willingly accepts, but on the condition that Yuki takes care of Miki in her stead. With that, Yuki accepts her request, then decapitates Honey on the spot.

Honey's lifeless body would be picked up by Hiromi, who forcibly purges her powers from her and transfers them over to Yuki. The conversion turned Yuki evil, with a will to destroy. After Miki retrieves her, she is revived by Mayumi and Miki's powers were transferred over to her. When she came to, the first person to greet her was Hayami, who didn't have the heart to tell her the truth about everything. She would then run to Professor Kisaragi's mansion to find out the truth for herself. It was there that she finally meets up with Yuki again, this time completely under Hiromi's control. She initially refused to fight her, but after finding the backup limiter, she Flashed, this time with a blue outfit and Kukri weapon similar to Miki's. After Hiromi was killed by Yuki, Honey managed to ultimately destroy her. After the battle was over, Honey decided to help out Hayami, now truly known as the Warrior of Love, Cutie Honey. In the epilogue, it is hinted that both Miki and Yuki "live on" inside Honey as Honey demonstrated fighting techniques similar to Miki's headbutt and Yuki's kick.


This version of Cutie Honey is more of an airhead than her previous incarnations, possessing a very poor grasp of social conventions and an almost perpetually upbeat attitude, which has caused animosity amongst her peers in her class. Unlike the original where she was a Catholic school girl, in this version she attends a standard all-girls high school.

Honey's birth date is February 26 and her father is Doctor Kōshirō Kisaragi (如月こうしろう博士 Kisaragi Kōshirō Hakase?). The three girls possess the same birthday as Doctor Kisaragi was looking for girls who share the same traits in order to recreate the image of his deceased daughter.

She seems to have a crush on Yuji's third personality, Giza. However, her strong crush also inadvertently gave him a fourth personality named Hikaru.

Cutey HoneyEdit

Cutie Honey Suit (live)

Cutie Honey suit

Honey Kisaragi can transform into the titular Cutie Honey (キューティーハニー Kyūtī Hanī) by tapping on her heart necklace and saying the words "Honey Flash!" (ハニーフラッシュ! Hanī Furasshu!). Her powers come from the Airborne Element Fixing Device (空中元素固定装置 Kūchū Genso Kotei Sōchi?) installed in her body, also known as the "Honey System" (ハニーシステム Hanī Shisutemu). Her personal emblem is a Red heart and in battle she can summon a rapier called the "Silver Fleuret" (シルバーフルーレ Shirubā Furūre?).


Much like her anime counterpart, Honey can transform into a motorcycle racer named Hurricane Honey. She activates this form by using her Honey System to transform a ten-speed bicycle, motorcycle or moped into a high-performance street bike. Her costume then changes into a racing suit with a motorcycle helmet.

Dark Honey

Berserker Mode

In rare cases, Honey's power will build up excess energy causing her to go to sleep for three days and then activate a berserker mode. This form gives off red sparks of energy and radiates heat, damaging or destroying any object she touches or is in proximity of. Honey's personality becomes more stoic and serious and attacks anyone who comes near her. The only way to deactivate this form is by draining the excess energy from the heart choker using a special device Hayami has in the event this happens.


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CH Blue Form

Blue Form

After being revived by Miki's power, Honey gained her powers and could summon the Boomerang Bleu to use in battle.


  • Boomerang Blue


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