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―Transformation announcement of Bashaan[src]

"Chojin Bashaan"
―Zushiin's roll call[src]
Chojin Bibyun - Hero 2 Civilian
Ichiro Suga
Gender: Male
Show: Choujin Bibyun
Color: Blue
Homeworld: Earth
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Actor: Toshihiko Sakada
Chojin Bibyun - Hero 2 Superhero

Ichiro Suga is the Bashaan and the member of Choujins.

Character HistoryEdit

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  • Chokamiju Pipito: Gun out to shoot a high-pressure stream of water. Usually, it is mounted on the left side of the belt is smaller.

In addition to attacking the enemy with water, suctioning of water, freezing the enemy, reveal the identity of the monster that was disguised as human beings, dissolution, there is a variety of usage, such as staining.

  • Polka dot attack: Used in the second episode. deathblow to themselves to assault it becomes a polka dot (water flow), the swallowed enemy in ice with.
  • Bas Schaan water chute: Was used in the first 21 episodes, the application technique of the polka dot attack. And jumped into the sky, swallowing the enemy to become the water flow.
  • Bashan waterfall climbing: Used in the first episode. And dive into the water, and swim in a moment to the upstream of the waterfall.
  • Rolling Attack: In the air and drilling rotation to assault the enemy while.


  • Ultra God tower
  • Bibyun storm
  • Ultra God three-way firm
  • Super God big wheel
  • Lightning attack
  • Three super-God tornado attack
  • Ultra God attack


  • Beni Shark
  • Bashanka


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