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Idol × Senshi Miracle Tunes!
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Number of episodes: 51
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Original airing: April 2, 2017[1]
Mahou × Senshi Magi Majo Pures!

Idol × Senshi Miracle Tunes! (アイドル×戦士ミラクルちゅーんず! Aidoru × Senshi Mirakuru Chiyunzu!) translated as Idol × Warrior Miracle Tunes! is a 2017 magical girl tokusatsu series produced by Takara Tomy, and the first in the Girls x Heroine series.

On December 4, 2017, Showlab announced they would be adapting the series for a European audience, specifically Italy. Later, on July 22, 2018, it was announced that the series would a co-production with Medeterrano Media, and the series would be filmed in English. [2]


The Music Kingdom contains musical treasures called Sound Jewels, which together produce the "Song of Blessings." The Sound Jewels are stolen by Maou, who corrupts them into Negative Jewels. Through the Dokudoku-dan, the Negative Jewels are used to turn humans into Negative Jewelers to spread a Negative Aura for Maou to use in his plan to conquer the human world by composing an evil song. In order to recover the Sound Jewels, the goddess of the Music Kingdom sends the Fairy Rhythms (妖精リズムズ Yōsei Rizumuzu) Poppun, Rocky, and Clanosuke to the human world to seek help.

In the human world, Kanon Ichinose and Fuuka Tachibana audition to become part of a new idol group called miracle² with Mai Kanzaki, which was also partially held to recruit Idol Warriors to help Mai recover the Sound Jewels. Becoming the Idol Warriors known as the Miracle Tunes, later joined by sisters Akari and Hikari Shiratori of the American girl group KariKari, the girls fight to purify the Negative Jewels back into their original forms to restore the "Song of Blessings" and stop Maou.


Miracle TunesEdit


Designation Role Actor
Kanon Kanon Ichinose Asaka Uchida
Mai Mai Kanzaki Suzuka Adachi
Fuuka Fuuka Tachibana Yuzuha Oda


Designation Role Actor
Akari Akari Shiratori Rina Usukura
Hikari Hikari Shiratori Mio Nishiyama


Rhythm Name Voice Actor
Poppun Poppun Mari Hino
Rocky Rocky Makiko Hiraguchi
Clanosuke Clanosuke Yuko Mori
Alm Alm Reika Yoshimoto
Sopra Sopra Chitose Morinaga


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  • This is the first Tokusatsu show produced by Takara Tomy in over 8 years, the last one being Tomica Hero Rescue Fire in 2009.
  • This is the first Takara Tomy tokusatsu series to get an english adaptation.

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