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Mystic Knight of Water
Gender: Male
Show: Mystic Knights of Tir Na Nog
Color: Blue
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: Legend of the Ancient Scroll
Last Full Appearance: Banished
Number of Episode Appearances: 50
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Actor: Justin Pierre
Mystic Knight of Water
"Water around me!"

Ivar is the Mystic Knight of Water of the Mystic Knights.


A prince from a distant land (possibly of the Moors), Ivar came to Kells in search of his country's sacred chalice. It was later revealed the chalice was stolen by Torc, Maeve's general. His weapon is the Barbed Trident which shoots blue bolts of electricity. To obtain his blue and gold Armor, he had to defeat the Sea Serpent of Temra. To don his armor, he shouts "Water around me!". Ivar is loyal to his friends, but can be distracted by his search for the stolen chalice, often to his own detriment. He later gains the Mobile Defender vehicle (which was meant to be used for Lugad) from Torc.


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Mystic Knight of WaterEdit


Mystic Knight armor


Barbed TridentEdit

After defeating the Sea Serpent of Temra, Ivar was granted the powers of the barbed trident. This weapon is in affiliation with the element of water, however, it also is capable of producing an electrifying attack of blue thunderbolts and lightning. While fighting, this weapon can also be used to stab or bludgeon opponents with.


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