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"As soon as you obtain a possible landing point, let me know."
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Gender: Male
Ally Type: Stonian
Show: Chouseishin Gransazer
Homeworld: Stone
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Jado fighter mode

Jado (ジャド Jado) is an ally in Chouseishin Gransazer.


Jado belongs to the Stonian race of Planet Stone, who were chosen by Warp Monarch to attack Earth using the Mad Stone, a bomb-like rock of plutonium that the Stonians left on Earth ages ago. Refusing to let Earth be destroyed, Jado went to Earth to obtain the Mad Stone, taking over the body of Takumi Sawashima, an old friend of Ryoko from her college who died on his way to Tokyo after returning from Africa. But as a result of being forced to keep his host alive, Jado is weakened to the point that he would eventually die. Once Ryoko gives him the Mad Stone, the Stonian assigned to destroy Earth attacked him to regain the Mad Stone. Soon after, Takumi regained control over his body long enough before he and Jado leave Earth with the Mad Stone, detonating it in deep space and instantly vaporized.

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