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Gekko Kamen
Juro Iwai
Gender: Male
Show: Gekko Kamen
Color: white
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance:
Last Full Appearance:
Number of Episode Appearances: 131
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Actor: Koichi Ose
Gekko Kamen

One of the recurring themes of the show Gekko Kamen was that no one knew the titular hero's real identity, not even the audience (A theme similar to the American western hero The Lone Ranger). However, smart viewers would often notice that police detective Juro Iwai (祝 十郎 Iwai Juro) would disappear whenever trouble arose. This led them to suspect that the detective was Gekko Kamen, a fact that was further hinted upon in later media appearances.


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Gekko KamenEdit

Gekko Kamen possesses no superpowers but is at the peak of human physical and mental prowess. He is also an expert marksman, able to use his pistols to disable criminals without killing them. (Although, lethal force is an option for him when necessary)


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Appearances in other mediaEdit

  • Gekko Kamen 1972

    Gekko Kamen (anime version)

    Gekko Kamen reappeared in a 1972 anime series called Seigi wo Ai Suru Mono- Gekko Kamen. The show featured Gekko Kamen with an updated costume design, a motorcycle similar to the Cyclone and new weapons such as Luna-rangs, star shaped shurikens, and a bullwhip which served as his default weapon. The series is notably popular in Latin American countries as Captain Centella.


  • Many western superhero fans see Gekko Kamen as Japan's answer to Batman. However he possesses traits that help him stand apart from his presumed counterpart. The first being that Juro uses guns while Batman does not. The second is that he is not wealthy nor does his heroic deeds out of vengeance, and the final is a white costume with bits of yellow, which is the polar opposite of Batman's dark colors.
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