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Kamen Rider × Super Sentai × Space Sheriff: Super Hero Taisen Otsu: Heroo! Answers
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To promote the movie Kamen Rider × Super Sentai × Space Sheriff: Super Hero Taisen Z, Toei released a series of Internet clips under the collective title Kamen Rider × Super Sentai × Space Sheriff: Super Hero Taisen Otsu!: Heroo! Answers (ネット版 仮面ライダー× スーパー戦隊×宇宙刑事 スーパーヒーロー大戦乙!(おつ) ~Heroo!知恵袋~ Nettoban Kamen Raidā × Sūpā Sentai × Uchū Keiji: Supā Hīrō Taisen Otsu! ~Hīrō! Chiebukuro~). The net movies also featured characters from Tsuburaya Productions and Marvel Comics. Toei Tokusatsu BB and TV Asahi began distribution on April 12, 2013.


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  • When arguing about the title of Horned BraveIcon-crosswiki, SkydainIcon-crosswiki shows up and declares that she should be the real Horned Brave. Her voice actress, Ayumi KinoshitaIcon-crosswiki, was also the pink-colored Triceratops DopantIcon-crosswiki in Kamen Rider W. Triceratops Dopant also assumes the form, Big Triceratops, which is especially reminiscent of Zyudenryu DriceraIcon-crosswiki.
  • During the RinkoIcon-crosswiki corner, most the guests shout "You!" when one of the guest detectives show up (Especially in AccelIcon-crosswiki's case, because he knows that WIcon-crosswiki is a two-in-one Rider). But during DekaYellow'sIcon-crosswiki case, she shouts "Ban"Icon-crosswiki since she actually knows DekaRed, same with SharivanIcon-crosswiki who shouts "Gavan"Icon-crosswiki when he appears.
  • The ice cream that they eat is MagiMotherIcon-crosswiki ice cream.
  • When fighting over Rinko, ShotaroIcon-crosswiki complains that Sentai get all the women and that the only woman in his series is AkikoIcon-crosswiki.
  • In DekaYellow's episode, Double tells a story which has a quote from Philip Marlowe: "If I wasn't hard, I wouldn't be alive. If I couldn't ever be gentle, I wouldn't deserve to be alive." During the W special event stage showIcon-crosswiki, Shotaro says that BossIcon-crosswiki taught him that quote.
  • Despite that Wizard and Beast appeared in this Net Movie, their actors, Shunya ShiraishiIcon-crosswiki and Tasuku NagaseIcon-crosswiki don't appear as the Riders don't speak.

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