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Kamen Rider × Super Sentai × Space Sheriffs: Super Hero Taisen Z (仮面ライダー×スーパー戦隊×宇宙刑事 スーパーヒーロー大戦Z, Kamen Raidā × Supā Sentai × Uchū Keiji: Sūpā Hīrō Taisen Z) is a Japanese superhero crossover film between the Super Sentai, Kamen Rider, and Metal Hero franchises, and serves as the second installment of the Super Hero Taisen Series while featuring revamped versions of heroes created by Shotaro Ishinomori. In the film, the Space Sheriffs are dispatched to Earth and tasked with eliminating the Kamen Riders WizardIcon-crosswiki.png and BeastIcon-crosswiki.png, while Yoko UsamiIcon-crosswiki.png befriends a small ally integral to their enemies' plans.

The catchphrase for this movie is "Get up, all superheroes! All of space versus all of Earth: the one and only ultimate battle begins!" (立ち上がれ、全スーパーヒーローよ!!全宇宙対全地球 二度とない究極バトル開始!!, Tachiagare, zen sūpāhīrō yo! ! Zen uchū tai zen chikyū Nidoto nai kyūkyoku batoru kaishi! !)


Promotion for the movie started with a teaser at the end of screenings of Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider Wizard & Fourze: Movie War UltimatumIcon-crosswiki.png. The teaser featured Gavan Type GIcon-crosswiki.png from Uchuu Keiji Gavan: The MovieIcon-crosswiki.png and the line "I can't forgive Gavan!". Also featured are the Space Ironmen KyodainIcon-crosswiki.png from Kamen Rider Fourze the Movie: Everyone, Space is Here!Icon-crosswiki.png, suggesting an emphasis on space heroes.


A new evil organization known as Space Shocker (スペースショッカー, Supēsu Shokkā), which are led by the magic-using Space Ikadevil (スペースイカデビル, Supēsu Ikadebiru) and Space Spider Man (スペース蜘蛛男, Supēsu Kumo Otoko), threatens the Earth by causing an unknown phenomenon. The Space Sheriffs Gavan type-G and Sharivan are sent to execute all magic-users on Earth in response to the threat and begins to attack Kamen Riders Wizard and Beast. The Space Crime Syndicate Madou, who were once defeated by the original Sharivan return, to cause even more havoc in the world. During this, Yoko finds a mysterious little robot called Psycholon (サイコロン, Saikoron), which Space Shocker and the Madou are after for unknown reasons.


Magic gates appear throughout Japan, causing havoc as people are instantly transported from one place to another. While investigating the situation, Haruto SomaIcon-crosswiki.png and KoyomiIcon-crosswiki.png are approached by Geki JumonjiIcon-crosswiki.png, who suddenly attacks Haruto after confirming his identity. Geki and Haruto fight as Space Sheriff Gavan type-G and Kamen Rider Wizard until Kamen Rider Wizard and Koyomi risk themselves to save a passerby from being hit by collateral damage. After confirming that both are good people, he stays his blade and flees. Meanwhile, Yoko UsamiIcon-crosswiki.png from the Go-BustersIcon-crosswiki.png and her BuddyloidIcon-crosswiki.png Usada LettuceIcon-crosswiki.png are camping beside a river until an unknown object falls from the sky beside them. They find a small robot at the crash site, which Yoko takes to the Energy Management CenterIcon-crosswiki.png and fixes it up. The robot introduces itself as PsycholonIcon-crosswiki.png and she becomes friends with it.

Meanwhile at the Galactic UnionIcon-crosswiki.png, Geki confronts his superior and the previous Gavan, Retsu IchimonjiIcon-crosswiki.png, about his orders to eliminate both Kamen Rider Wizard and Kamen Rider Beast, Kosuke NitohIcon-crosswiki.png, but Retsu insists that both are too dangerous to be allowed to live because of their magical powers. Retsu relieves him from duty, sending the Space Sheriff SharivanIcon-crosswiki.png to complete the task. Back at the location where Yoko found Psycholon, monsters from the evil organization Space ShockerIcon-crosswiki.png are confronted by Kamen Rider Wizard until they send him away using a magic gate. Haruto emerges at a stadium where he is encountered by the KyoryugersIcon-crosswiki.png who mistake him for a Debo MonsterIcon-crosswiki.png at, then challanged by Kyoruger's Daigo KiryuIcon-crosswiki.png to ddetermine how brave Haruto is until Gai IkariIcon-crosswiki.png from the GokaigersIcon-crosswiki.png appears to stop their fight as he wants to meet with Haruto about the incident of Space Shocker's plan of framing Haruto using a same magic power. Geki attempts to stop Sharivan from leaving to Earth to execute Kamen Rider Wizard and Kamen Rider Beast with no success. Yoko is attacked by Space Shocker, who are after Psycholon, but her fellow Go-Busters Hiromu SakuradaIcon-crosswiki.png and Ryuji IwasakiIcon-crosswiki.png appear to assist her. When the monsters try to send both Yoko and Psycholon through a portal, Hiromu and Ryuji appear to save her and are sucked in instead, and she is forced to keep fighting by herself.

Gai and Haruto discuss the situation, later joined by Geki and Nito, until Sharivan appears to fight them. To dissuade his fellow Space Sheriff, Geki tries to don his combat suit with no success and his partner ShellyIcon-crosswiki.png informs him that after he was removed from duty, the Dolgiran'sIcon-crosswiki.png systems were locked down, preventing her from providing him his weaponry. When monsters from Space Shocker also appear at the scene, Sharivan is forced to stop pursuing the other heroes to fight them until they flee through a portal leading to the Genmu WorldIcon-crosswiki.png and Geki also dives there by himself to investigate. Past the portal at the Genmu CastleIcon-crosswiki.png, Geki witnessess Strategist RaiderIcon-crosswiki.png from the Space Crime Syndicate MadouIcon-crosswiki.png and Shadow MoonIcon-crosswiki.png discussing their plan to use Psycholon to gather enough magic energy to revive Madou's leader Demon King PsychoIcon-crosswiki.png, learning that they are the ones behind Space Shocker. Soon after, Gai appears to help Geki escape, and back on Earth, they rescue Yoko and Psycholon from Space Shocker troops. Taking refuge at the Antique Shop OmokagedōIcon-crosswiki.png with the others, Geki reveals that the Galactic Union intends to destroy Earth with the Super Dimensional CannonIcon-crosswiki.png to prevent Space Shocker from completing their plan, as their scheme threatens the entire universe.

Encouraged by Gai and the others to not give up yet, Geki leaves to confront Space Shocker by himself until as Kai/Sharivan appears to that the evidence of the villains who framed Wizard and Beast of using a same magic power has been informed as the villains is on the moves to revived Madou and inform him that they have one hour until the Galactic Union fires their main weapon to destroy the Earth, then leaves to call Shaider for reinforcement. While Gai seeks help, Geki enters the portal to the Genmu World, accompanied by Yoko, Psycholon, and Nito, and they are attacked by Space Shocker. Separated from the others, Geki is forced to confront the monsters unarmed until Kotoha HanaoriIcon-crosswiki.png from the ShinkengersIcon-crosswiki.png appears at the Dolgiran, revealing that she was sent there by Gai. She hacks the ship's systems to lift the lockdown and allow Geki to transform into Gavan type-G once more. Yoko keeps pushing forward by herself until Reider and Shadow Moon appear to block her path and attempt to take Psycholon from her, and the little robot uses its powers to have her reunited with Hiromu and Ryuji. Just as Kamen Rider Beast and Gavan type-G are about to be defeated, several Kamen Riders and Super Sentai warriors, including another hero's Sangiman/new Inazuman appear to help them. Gai rejoins his fellow Gokaigers and Gavan type-G provides them with six Metal Hero KeysIcon-crosswiki.png to assist in the fight.

The Go-Busters have a tough battle against Shadow Moon until the Gokaigers, Gavan, Kamen Rider Beast, Kamen Rider Wizard, Sharivan, Kamen Rider FourzeIcon-crosswiki.png, and Kamen Rider MeteorIcon-crosswiki.png appear to assist them, joined by ShaiderIcon-crosswiki.png, Kamen Rider OOOIcon-crosswiki.png and the Kyoryugers also join the fight as well. As Shadow Moon and his reinforcements are defeated, the one-hour delay provided by the Galactic Union runs out and a regretful Retsu is forced to fire the Super Dimensional Cannon. The three Space SheriffsIcon-crosswiki.png then ride their ships and manage to stop the weapon's blast from hitting the Earth but Reider reveals that it was their intention all along to use its energy to complete the Demon King's resurrection. The resultant explosion provides enough power for it, before Reider perishes, just to later return as Space Reider, bringing several other monsters to the fight. Psycholon is also overcome by the energy surge and is put under Madou's control as well. The heroes find themselves in a pinch against their enemies until AkarangerIcon-crosswiki.png and Kamen Rider 1Icon-crosswiki.png arrive with reinforcements. Kyoryu GoldIcon-crosswiki.png appears to assist Kamen Rider Beast against Space Reider and together, they destroy him for good. Yoko calls out for Psycholon and it manages to break free from Psycho's control but ends up sacrificing itself to protect her from a fatal blast. The enlarged Psycho tries to escape into space, but Gavan type-G, Sharivan, and Shaider, who revealed to be alive appear to stop it, and the monster is ultimately destroyed by a robot formed by the Kyorugers' KyoryuzinIcon-crosswiki.png and Kamen Rider Wizard's WizarDragonIcon-crosswiki.png combined. After the battle, Usada reveals to Yoko that Psycholon can be fixed, and as the Space Sheriffs return to space, the Kamen RidersIcon-crosswiki.png and Super Sentai warriorsIcon-crosswiki.png bid their farewells after they had joined forces to protect Earth once more.

In a post-credits scene, a mysterious blue and red figure appears and states that "They are not the only heroes of Earth".

Continuity and Placement


A list of heroes in the movie.

Kamen RidersIcon-crosswiki.png

Kamen Rider 1 Takeshi HongoIcon-crosswiki.png (transformed only)
Kamen Rider 2 Hayato IchimonjiIcon-crosswiki.png (transformed only)
Kamen Rider V3 Shiro KazamiIcon-crosswiki.png (transformed only)
Kamen Rider X Keisuke JinIcon-crosswiki.png (transformed only)
Kamen Rider Amazon Daisuke YamamotoIcon-crosswiki.png (transformed only)
Kamen Rider Super-1 Kazuya OkiIcon-crosswiki.png (transformed only)
Kamen Rider Black RX Kotaro MinamiIcon-crosswiki.png (transformed only)
Kamen Rider Kuuga Yusuke GodaiIcon-crosswiki.png (transformed only)
Kamen Rider Ryuki Shinji KidoIcon-crosswiki.png (transformed only)
Kamen Rider Faiz Takumi InuiIcon-crosswiki.png (transformed only)
Kamen Rider Hibiki Hitoshi HidakaIcon-crosswiki.png (transformed only)
Kamen Rider Kabuto Souji TendouIcon-crosswiki.png (transformed only)
Kamen Rider Den-O MomotarosIcon-crosswiki.png (transformed only)
Kamen Rider Decade Tsukasa KadoyaIcon-crosswiki.png (transformed only)
Kamen Rider Double PhilipIcon-crosswiki.png & Shotaro HidariIcon-crosswiki.png (transformed only)
Kamen Rider OOO Eiji HinoIcon-crosswiki.png (transformed only)
Kamen Rider Fourze Gentaro KisaragiIcon-crosswiki.png (transformed only)
Kamen Rider Meteor Ryusei SakutaIcon-crosswiki.png (transformed only)
Kamen Rider Wizard Haruto SomaIcon-crosswiki.png
Kamen Rider Beast Kosuke NitohIcon-crosswiki.png

Super SentaiIcon-crosswiki.png

Akarenger Tsuyoshi KaijoIcon-crosswiki.png (transformed only)
DenziRed Ippei AkagiIcon-crosswiki.png (transformed only)
Red Flash JinIcon-crosswiki.png (transformed only)
Green Flash DaiIcon-crosswiki.png (transformed only)
Blue Flash BunIcon-crosswiki.png (transformed only)
Yellow Flash SaraIcon-crosswiki.png (transformed only)
Pink Flash LouIcon-crosswiki.png (transformed only)
Red Falcon Yusuke AmamiyaIcon-crosswiki.png (transformed only)
Yellow Lion Joh OharaIcon-crosswiki.png (transformed only)
Blue Dolphin Megumi MisakiIcon-crosswiki.png (transformed only)
Red Hawk Ryu TendohIcon-crosswiki.png (transformed only)
GingaRed RyoumaIcon-crosswiki.png (transformed only)
GingaGreen HayateIcon-crosswiki.png (transformed only)
GingaBlue GoukiIcon-crosswiki.png (transformed only)
GingaYellow HikaruIcon-crosswiki.png (transformed only)
GingaPink SayaIcon-crosswiki.png (transformed only)
HurricaneRed Yousuke ShiinaIcon-crosswiki.png (transformed only)
DekaRed Banban "Ban" AkazaIcon-crosswiki.png (transformed only)
DekaBlue Houji "Hoji" TomasuIcon-crosswiki.png (transformed only)
DekaGreen Sen'ichi "Sen-chan" EnariIcon-crosswiki.png (transformed only)
DekaYellow Marika "Jasmine" ReimonIcon-crosswiki.png (transformed only)
DekaPink Koume "Umeko" KodouIcon-crosswiki.png (transformed only)
Bouken Red Satoru AkashiIcon-crosswiki.png (transformed only)
Bouken Black Masumi InouIcon-crosswiki.png (transformed only)
Bouken Blue Souta MogamiIcon-crosswiki.png (transformed only)
Bouken Yellow Natsuki MamiyaIcon-crosswiki.png (transformed only)
Bouken Pink Sakura NishihoriIcon-crosswiki.png (transformed only)
GekiRed Jan KandouIcon-crosswiki.png (transformed only)
GekiYellow Ran UzakiIcon-crosswiki.png (transformed only)
GekiBlue Retsu FukamiIcon-crosswiki.png (transformed only)
Shinken Red Takeru ShibaIcon-crosswiki.png (transformed only)
Shinken Blue Ryunosuke IkenamiIcon-crosswiki.png (transformed only)
Shinken Pink Mako ShiraishiIcon-crosswiki.png (transformed only)
Shinken Green Chiaki TaniIcon-crosswiki.png (transformed only)
Shinken Yellow Kotoha HanaoriIcon-crosswiki.png
Gokai Red Captain MarvelousIcon-crosswiki.png (transformed only)
Gokai Blue Joe GibkenIcon-crosswiki.png (transformed only)
Gokai Yellow Luka MillfyIcon-crosswiki.png (transformed only)
Gokai Green Don DogoierIcon-crosswiki.png (transformed only)
Gokai Pink Ahim de FamilleIcon-crosswiki.png (transformed only)
Gokai Silver Gai IkariIcon-crosswiki.png
Red Buster Hiromu SakuradaIcon-crosswiki.png
Blue Buster Ryuji IwasakiIcon-crosswiki.png
Yellow Buster Yoko UsamiIcon-crosswiki.png
Kyoryu Red Daigo KiryuIcon-crosswiki.png
Kyoryu Black Ian YorklandIcon-crosswiki.png
Kyoryu Blue Nobuharu UdouIcon-crosswiki.png
Kyoryu Green Souji RippukanIcon-crosswiki.png
Kyoryu Pink Amy YuuzukiIcon-crosswiki.png
Kyoryu Gold UtsusemimaruIcon-crosswiki.png (transformed only)

Space SheriffsIcon-crosswiki.png

Space Sheriff Gavan Type-G Geki JumonjiIcon-crosswiki.png
Space Sheriff Sharivan (New) Kai HyugaIcon-crosswiki.png
Space Sheriff Shaider (New) Shu KarasumaIcon-crosswiki.png


Inazuman Saburo KazetaIcon-crosswiki.png
Rabbit Usada LettuceIcon-crosswiki.png
Beetle Beet J. StagIcon-crosswiki.png


Shadow Moon Nobuhiko AkizukiIcon-crosswiki.png
Groundain GroundainIcon-crosswiki.png
Skydain SkydainIcon-crosswiki.png

Gokai Changes

Main article: Gokai ChangesIcon-crosswiki.png

Metal Heroes


Main article: AstroswitchesIcon-crosswiki.png
  • Kamen Rider Fourze can use his Astroswitches to arm his limbs with different weapons or transform into a different States form if the Switch's number is a multiple of 10.
  • States Changes
    • N/A

Wizard Rings

Main article: Wizard RingsIcon-crosswiki.png
  • Kamen Rider Wizard can use his Wizard Rings to either transform into different Style forms (on his left hand) or cast spells (on his right hand).
    • Transformation - Flame (x6), Water, Hurricane, Hurricane Dragon, Flame Dragon, Water Dragon
    • Magic - Connect, Bind, Liquid, Extend, Special, Blizzard, Big, Miracle, Super Sentai
  • Style Changes
    • Flame Style (x6), Water Style, Hurricane Style, Hurricane Dragon, Flame Dragon, Water Dragon
  • Kamen Rider Beast can use his Beast ColorsIcon-crosswiki.png to equip himself with different Mantle capes to give him a unique ability.
    • Beast Color - Chameleo, Buffa
  • Mantle Changes
    • Chameleo Mantle, Buffa Mantle


Main article: ZyudenchiIcon-crosswiki.png

Internet spin-off films

To promote the movie, Toei released a series of Internet clips under the collective title Kamen Rider × Super Sentai × Space Sheriff: Super Hero Taisen Otsu: Heroo! Answers (ネット版 仮面ライダー× スーパー戦隊×宇宙刑事 スーパーヒーロー大戦乙(おつ) ~Heroo!知恵袋~, Nettoban Kamen Raidā × Sūpā Sentai × Uchū Keiji: Supā Hīrō Taisen Otsu ~Hīrō! Chiebukuro~). The net movies also featured characters from Tsuburaya Productions and Marvel Comics. Toei Tokusatsu BB and TV Asahi began distribution on April 12, 2013.


Metal Heroes cast

Kamen Rider Wizard cast

Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger cast

Kamen Rider Fourze cast

Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters cast

Other Kamen Rider cast

Other Super Sentai cast

Miscellaneous voice cast

  • Kamen Rider 1Icon-crosswiki.png (仮面ライダー1号, Kamen Raidā Ichigō, Voice), DekaRedIcon-crosswiki.png (デカレッド, Deka Reddo, Voice), SchwarianIcon-crosswiki.png (シュバリアン, Shubarian, Voice), Beast DopantIcon-crosswiki.png (ビースト・ドーパント, Bīsuto Dōpanto, (Non-credited)): Tetsu InadaIcon-crosswiki.png (稲田 徹, Inada Tetsu)
  • Kamen Rider HibikiIcon-crosswiki.png (仮面ライダー響鬼, Kamen Raidā Hibiki), Kamen Rider OOOIcon-crosswiki.png (仮面ライダーOOO, Kamen Raidā Ōzu), Kamen Rider Super-1Icon-crosswiki.png (仮面ライダースーパー1, Kamen Raidā Sūpā Wan, (Non-credited)), Kamen Rider Black RXIcon-crosswiki.png (仮面ライダーBLACK RX, Kamen Raidā Burakku Āru Ekkusu, (Vocal effects, Non-credited)), Kamen Rider FaizIcon-crosswiki.png (仮面ライダーファイズ, Kamen Raidā Faizu, (Vocal effects, Non-credited)), ZanjiohIcon-crosswiki.png (ザンジオー, Zanjiō, Voice), SabotegronIcon-crosswiki.png (サボテグロン, Saboteguron, Voice), GoasterIcon-crosswiki.png (ゴースター, Gōsutā, (Vocal effects, Non-credited)), Scorpion ManIcon-crosswiki.png (さそり男, Sasori Otoko, (Non-credited)), JaguarmanIcon-crosswiki.png (ジャガーマン, Jagāman, (Non-credited)), Arch OrphnochIcon-crosswiki.png (アークオルフェノク, Āku Orufenoku, (Vocal effects, Non-credited)), Gecko ImaginIcon-crosswiki.png (ゲッコーイマジン, Gekkō Imajin, (Vocal effects, Non-credited)), Beetle FangireIcon-crosswiki.png (ビートルファンガイア, Bītoru Fangaia, (Non-credited)), Sagittarius ZodiartsIcon-crosswiki.png (サジタリウス・ゾディアーツ, Sajitariusu Zodiātsu, (Vocal effects, Non-credited)), Scorpion ZodiartsIcon-crosswiki.png (スコーピオン・ゾディアーツ, Sukōpion Zodiātsu, (Vocal effects, Non-credited)): Hideo IshikawaIcon-crosswiki.png (石川 英郎, Ishikawa Hideo)
  • Space Spider ManIcon-crosswiki.png (スペース蜘蛛男, Supēsu Kumo Otoko, Voice): Keikō SakaiIcon-crosswiki.png (酒井 敬幸, Sakai Keikō)
  • Demon King PsychoIcon-crosswiki.png (魔王サイコ, Maō Saiko, Voice): Shōzō IizukaIcon-crosswiki.png (飯塚 昭三, Iizuka Shōzō)
  • Kamen Rider 2Icon-crosswiki.png (仮面ライダー2号, Kamen Raidā Nigō, Voice), Kamen Rider Den-OIcon-crosswiki.png (仮面ライダー電王, Kamen Raidā Den'ō, (Non-credited)), Ginga RedIcon-crosswiki.png (ギンガレッド, Ginga Reddo, Voice), Yellow LionIcon-crosswiki.png (イエローライオン, Ierō Raion, (Vocal effects, Non-credited)), GokaiGreenIcon-crosswiki.png (ゴーカイグリーン, Gōkai Gurīn, (Vocal effects, Non-credited)), DogominIcon-crosswiki.png (ドゴーミン, Dogōmin, Voice), GillizamesIcon-crosswiki.png (ギリザメス, Gillizamesu, (Vocal effects, Non-credited)), Gryllus WormIcon-crosswiki.png (グリラスワーム, Gurirasu Wāmu, (Vocal effects, Non-credited)), Pteranodon Yummy (Male)Icon-crosswiki.png (プテラノドンヤミー, Puteranodon Yamī, (Vocal effects, Non-credited)), Musca ZodiartsIcon-crosswiki.png (ムスカ・ゾディアーツ, Musuka Zodiātsu, (Vocal effects, Non-credited)), Space Shocker SoldiersIcon-crosswiki.png (スペースショッカー戦闘員, Supēsu Shokkā Sentōin, Voice): Yuki AnaiIcon-crosswiki.png (穴井 勇輝, Anai Yūki)
  • DenziRedIcon-crosswiki.png (デンジレッド, Denji Reddo), Red FlashIcon-crosswiki.png (レッドフラッシュ, Reddo Furasshu, (Non-credited)), Red FalconIcon-crosswiki.png (レッドファルコン, Reddo Farukon, Voice), HurricaneRedIcon-crosswiki.png (ハリケンレッド, Hariken Reddo, (Vocal effects, Non-credited)), Deka GreenIcon-crosswiki.png (デカグリーン, Deka Gurīn, Voice), Shinken GreenIcon-crosswiki.png (シンケングリーン, Shinken Gurīn, Voice), GekiBlueIcon-crosswiki.png (ゲキブルー, Geki Burū, (Vocal effects, Non-credited)), Kamen Rider KuggaIcon-crosswiki.png (仮面ライダークウガ, Kamen Raidā Kūga, (Vocal effects, Non-credited)), Buzzstinger WaspIcon-crosswiki.png (バズスティンガー・ワスプ, Bazusutingā Wasupu, (Vocal effects, Non-credited)), SonorabumaIcon-crosswiki.png (ソノラブーマ, Sonorabūma, (Vocal effects, (Non-credited)), Tortoise UndeadIcon-crosswiki.png (トータスアンデッド, Tōtasu Andeddo, (Vocal effects, Non-credited)), Bat DopantIcon-crosswiki.png (バット・ドーパント, Batto Dōpanto, (Vocal effects, Non-credited)), Kamakiri YummyIcon-crosswiki.png (カマキリヤミー, Kamakiri Yamī, (Vocal-Effects, Non-credited)), Space Shocker SoldiersIcon-crosswiki.png (スペースショッカー戦闘員, Supēsu Shokkā Sentōin, Voice): Kazuki KomineIcon-crosswiki.png (小峰 一己, Komine Kazuki)
  • Dayu UsukawaIcon-crosswiki.png (薄皮 太夫, Usukawa Dayū, Voice), Sea Fist Demon RagekuIcon-crosswiki.png (海の拳魔ラゲク, Umi no Kenma Rageku, (Vocal-effects, Non-credited)), Blue DolphinIcon-crosswiki.png (ブルードルフィン, Burū Dorufin, (Non-credited)), GekiYellowIcon-crosswiki.png (ゲキイエロー, Geki Ierō, (Non-credited)), GokaiPinkIcon-crosswiki.png (ゴーカイピンク, Gōkai Pinku, (Vocal effects, Non-credited)): Hiromi TakeuchiIcon-crosswiki.png (竹内 裕美, Takeuchi Hiromi)
  • Narration, AkarengerIcon-crosswiki.png (アカレンジャー, Akarenjā, voice), Kamen Rider AmazonIcon-crosswiki.png (仮面ライダーアマゾン, Kamen Raidā Amazon, voice), Space IkadevilIcon-crosswiki.png (スペースイカデビル, Supēsu Ikadebiru, voice): Tomokazu SekiIcon-crosswiki.png (関 智一, Seki Tomokazu)
  • Kamen Rider DecadeIcon-crosswiki.png (仮面ライダーディケイド, Kamen Raidā Dikeido, Voice): Katsuhiro SuzukiIcon-crosswiki.png (鈴木 勝大, Suzuki Katsuhiro)
  • Kamen Rider MeteorIcon-crosswiki.png (仮面ライダーメテオ, Kamen Raidā Meteor, Voice): Junya IkedaIcon-crosswiki.png (池田 純矢, Ikeda Jun'ya)
  • GekiRedIcon-crosswiki.png (ゲキレッド, Geki Reddo, Voice): Kenta SugaIcon-crosswiki.png (須賀 健太, Suga Kenta)

Suit Actors

Theme song

  • "Jōchaku ~We are Brothers~" (蒸着 ~We are Brothers~ "Deposition (We are Brothers)")
    • Lyrics: Shoko Fujibayashi
    • Composition: AYANO (of FULL AHEAD)
    • Arrangement: Shuhei Naruse
    • Artist: Hero Music All Stars Z
  • The Hero Music All Stars Z consist of Shogo Kamata, the Kamen Rider Girls, Akira Kushida, Hideaki Takatori, Hideyuki Takahashi, Yoshio Nomura, Tsuyoshi Matsubara, and Ricky.

International Movie Theaters

This film released in South Korea separately with dubbed and subbed version.


  • This marks the first appearance, albeit in a new form, of the ShockerIcon-crosswiki.pngkaijin Spider ManIcon-crosswiki.png, who was the first monster who appeared in episode 1Icon-crosswiki.pngof Kamen RiderIcon-crosswiki.png. Since the end of the original show, he had returned as part of a Revived Kaijin CorpsIcon-crosswiki.png in episode 13Icon-crosswiki.png and the movie Kamen Rider vs. ShockerIcon-crosswiki.png.
  • Unlike the previous Super Hero Taisen, this film does not feature all Riders and Sentai Teams.
  • Despite Wajima appearing in this movie, he does not have any lines throughout the film.
  • Some characters only appear for a brief moment:
    • Kotoha Hanaori appears on Dol to help Shelly as an inside joke, referencing how both characters are portrayed by the same actress, Suzuka MoritaIcon-crosswiki.png.
    • Saburo Kazeta appears transformed as Sanagiman to save Fourze from Space Spider Man before transforming into Inazuman to finish him off alongside Fourze.
    • Beet J. Stag appears sweeping after Beast and Kyoryu Gold finish off Space Reider.
  • Go-Busters vs. GokaigerIcon-crosswiki.png and the Go-Busters' two-part crossoverIcon-crosswiki.png with Gavan in their own series is acknowledged when Yoko meets Gai and Geki, needing no introduction, and the latter crossover again when Hiromu is reunited with Geki.
  • Right after the closing credits, Kikaider makes a brief appearance, stating that these are not the only heroes on Earth.
  • This is the only Super Hero Taisen film to feature Metal Heroes.


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