Kanjani Sentai Eightranger (関ジャニ戦隊∞レンジャー Kanjani Sentai Eitorenjā) is a concert gimmick by Japanese pop group Kanjani8. The franchise is inspired by Super Sentai and took shape in forms of skits and an upcoming drama adventure film based on the skits. The film, simply titled Eightranger (written differently as エイトレンジャー), is set for release July 28, 2012. Though various Kanjani8 members have performed in other multimedia, this is their first time to all be in one film. The film features all seven members as Eightrangers - eight standing for the group's logo.

The drama aims to show a side story to each member of the Eightrangers. It also features the group's interaction with a "legendary hero"- Captain Silver.

While the concert costumes are more in-jest, the film costumes are largely utilitarian, replacing the bicycle helmets with "8" glitter goggles with actual helmets with black visors.


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Red Subaru Shibutani
Yellow Ryo Nishikido
Orange Ryūhei Maruyama
Blue Shota Yasuda
Green Tadayoshi Ōkura
Purple Shingo Murakami
Black Yu Yokoyama


The Johnny & Associates managed website, "Johnny's Web" (which is cell phones subscriptions only), Kanjani Eight's serialization corner was named "Kanjani Sentai Eightranger" by the subscribing users. In this, each member has an image color (otherwise known as Ranger Color) assigned to them. Each member serialization is then organized with the text colored with their chosen image color.

In December 2005, the serialization became a on stage short performance parody of the Super Sentai Series at "Kanjani Eight Xmas Party 2005". In the performance the Kansai Juniors group B.A.D assumed the role of the evil organization known as "B.A.D Group" in which they fight against the Eight Rangers. This also was included in the manga serialization "Honma ni Kanjani Eight!" in "Betatsu Friend".

Eventually it was brought to the concert tours and a new story was weaved for each tour. Majority of the stories, or konto, are filled with jokes and a lot of dialogue is changed on the spot, or adlibed. Yokoyama Yuu, also known as the Black Ranger in the skits, uses the opportunity to ad-lib a lot in performances.

In 2008, during their Summer Tour "KANJANI8 Live Tour 2008 It's Eight! Everyone Together! It's Summer! It's a Tour! Wahaha!!!", the members said "To all of our fans, we wish for you to see a new Kanjani Eight". This was in reference to the skit not being performed at the Summer Concert tour after nearly 2 and a half years of performing it since December 2005.

In 2009, during their "KANJANI∞ TOUR 2009 PUZZLE", they again performed Eightranger.

Concert SkitsEdit

As the story of the concert skits go- in the year 200X, everyone lived happily and got along with each other in the peaceful city of "Eight City", until one day when terrible guards and B.A.D Group came in and started their wrong doings. So now a group stands up against them as allies of justice, Kanjani Sentai Eight Ranger.

Episode: Reality of a Savior!? Edit

Performed at "Kanjani Eight Xmas Party 2005". This was the first time that the theme song "Eight Ranger" was performed to the public. Sankyoudai and Yamada, along with Eight Ranger, save the day.

Episode: Can't be! The Eight Rangers Break up?! The revival of friendship! Edit

Performed at "Kanjani Eight Concert Tour 2006 'Funky Tokyo Osaka Nagoya'". While the other members ride on their bikes, Black Ranger becomes upset because he doesn't have his bike. Because of this, a split among the group happens. Green Ranger goes to help fix the broken relationship between Black Ranger and Red Ranger and the two peacefully become friends again. On the last day that this was performed, at National Yoyogi Stadium, Black Ranger's bike appears. This was featured on the DVD " Heat Up! ".

Episode: Can't Be! The Eight Rangers Break up?! The Revival of Friendship! Part II Edit

Performed at "Kanjani Eight First National Tour 2∞6". While the other Rangers get new, shinny, belts Black Ranger is upset because he doesn't have one. This causes split among the group, but in the end, they become friends again. In the public performances, it's not just Black Ranger who gets upset, as it rotates between the other members. Their commander arrives, establishing the Eight Rangers.

Episode: Eight Rangers, Unbelievable Developments! Thank you... and, Good bye Edit

Performed at "Kanjani Eight KAN FU FIGHTING National Tour 2006 Part 2". Because Black Ranger's Cracker is unable to work, he gets upset. Red Ranger then brings out his gun and fires it. After many twists and turns, one eventually hits Green Ranger and he dies. In order to save Green Ranger, the Eight Rangers go into the " Fernand Death Forest " to get help from the " Eita Cross ".

In this piece, this performance showcases each member's characteristic. Every performance had a different, ad libbed, work.

Episode: Eight Rangers, Let's know the old days! Aim to be a Super Hero! Edit

Performed at "Kanjani Eight Eh?! Really?! Shocking!! Dome Concert in Osaka". An unknown story about the Eight Rangers is told about their days in Kindergarten.

Episode: Eight Rangers, Premonition of Love: In the threshold of trembling love and friendship... Edit

Performed at "Kanjani Eight Eh?! Really?! Shocking!! Tour 2007". It begins when Blue Ranger wants to confess to his love. Because Blue Ranger values his love over all his other feelings, Black Ranger and Blue Ranger fight. In other performances it is not just the Blue Ranger who confesses, as all the positions are swapped between each member. The switches began at the Yokohama performance.

Eight Rangers, Black Ranger Independent Side Story. Saving?! A Young Boy's Heart... Edit

Performed at "Yokoyama YOU does it! Concert". Black Ranger appeared in this performance without the other Eight Rangers. After saving a boy who was being bullied, Black Ranger eventually becomes interested in the boy and figures out the reason why he's being bullied. By himself, he tries to fight B.A.D Group and another group of delinquents, but ends up losing the courage so he tries to solve it with money. The honest boy eventually stands up against them. On the way there, the boy runs into Yuukan Club's Seshirou Kikumasamune who helps him and Haikei, Chichiue's Nakakawa Tokio who he jokes with.

This skit appears again in "Yokoyama YOU does it! Concert part II" in Tokyo/Nagoya but the members who help him are a surprise.

The two characters that the young boy runs into are actual characters in dramas played by Yokoyama Yuu, the Black Ranger.

Episode: Eight Rangers Return! The Grass is Greener on the Other Side Edit

Performed at " Kanjani Eight Tour 2009: Puzzle ". After a year of no activities, the Rangers come back to Eight City to resume their roles as the Eight Rangers, but, something is a little odd when the Black Ranger is now dressed as the Red Ranger. After the Red Ranger's vocal displeasure with Black's stubborn attitude, Black also reveals that Orange and Green want to switch colors with Yellow and Blue as well. Angered by the sudden actions of the taller three rangers, Blue/Red/Yellow storm off and form their own team while "New" Red/Yellow/Blue start their own team. Purple is then caught in the middle and goes off to try to reunite his teammates.

The "New" Red, Yellow, and Blue send a challenge letter to the originals declaring to settle the score. They accept the offer and the following night they begin to fight, refusing to stand down and become the "New" Black, Orange, and Green. When the fight gets heated, Yellow takes out a knife and in result accidentally stabs Purple when he rushes into the fight to break it up. Distraught, the Rangers reflect on their actions until Blue notices puzzle pieces around them. Each member grabs a piece, puts it together, and realize their faults. Suddenly, Purple wakes up and shocks the Rangers by explaining to them that it was Yellow's piece that saved his life.

"New" Red, Yellow, and Blue realize their faults and want to return to their original selves, but are unable to. Then, Purple uses his magic wand to transform them back to Black, Orange, and Green.

In this piece, it was adlibed for each performance like many of their previous skits.

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