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Karin Saeki
Karin Saeki
Gender: Female
Villain Type: Akelon
Show: Chouseishin Gransazer
First Appearance: [[]]
Last Appearance: Climatic Battle! The Ultra Star Gods VS the Giant Star Beast
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Actor: Mika Chiba
Karin Akelon

Karin Saeki (佐伯 カリン Saeki Karin) is an Akelon in Chouseishin Gransazer.


An Akelon who impersonated the deceased physicist Karin Saeki upon her arrival on Earth two decades ago to survive within Earth's atmosphere. Acting as a guide to the Wind Tribe, she convinced them that the other Sazers were a threat to the planet and must be destroyed. Subtly, she built a relationship with Akira that ensured his loyalty to even further tie him to her. Once Ryoko and Jin leave her, Karin reveals her true Akelon identity to kill them until Tenma, Mika, and Go arrive in time to fight her off. While overseeing Remls attacking his teammates, Karin fights Tarious until the Wind Tribe notices the explosion of their fight with Akira seeing Karin for who she really is, revealing she fell in love with the human and offered to spare his life. But in spite of his own love for her, Remls is forced to kill her to save Tarious, knocking her off the building to her death.

However, she came back to life before her body could be autopsied by the national defense group. Making her way to Ryujin Mountain, Karin summoned her ship to heal her injuries before going after Tawlon and severely wounding him to call out the Gransazers. After being manhandled by the Flame Tribe, Karin assumes her Nova-Beast form and destroys the city as Garuda & Dolcross are summoned to fight her. Though she had the upper hand against the two Chouseishin, Karin retreats to the valley hill to heal her burn injuries by Garuda, taking Akira into the beast for one last chance to join her before she resumes her attack. After Remls breaks free from her body, the assembled Gransazers managed to destroy Karin's UFO before she herself is destroyed by the three Chouseishin in Episode 12.


Karin Akelon

Karin's Akelon form


Karin's Nova-Beast form

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