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King Conchobar
Gender: Male
Ally Type: King of Kells
Show: Mystic Knights of Tir Na Nog
Homeworld: Tir Na Nog
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Last Appearance:
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Actor: Stephen Brennan

King Conchobar is the king of Kells & the father of Deirdre. With Maeve using dark magic to try to help her win the war between their kingdoms, he is in desperate need of the Mystic Knights' help.


King Conchobar is the loved monarch of Kells. He is appreciated throughout the land for his wisdom, courage, & the truth & honest devotion in which he serves his kingdom. He rules with a fair hand, & his goal is for the people of Kells to live in peace & prosperity. He fights the war against Temra, only because Meave refuses to back down. He is determined that virtue & justice will overcome.


  • His name is a homage to Conchobar mac Nessa of the Ulster Cycle.
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