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King Fin Varra
Gender: Male
Ally Type: King of Tir Na Nog
Show: Mystic Knights of Tir Na Nog
Homeworld: Tir Na Nog
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Last Appearance:
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Actor: Peadar Lamb

King Fan Varra is the King of Tir Na Nóg. A fairy with great power who gives the Mystic Knights their weapons, as well as occasional advice. He is the rival of the dark fairy, Mider.


Fin Varra is the powerful & respected ruler of the magical kingdom of Tir Na Nog. Throughout his long life, Fin Varra has accumulated a great deal of knowledge about magic & legend, & about life in general. The Mystic Knights regularly seeking his guidance when faced with a seemingly impossible situation because of Fin Varra's vast intelligence, power, & wisdom. Most often, Fin Varra answers with riddles, forcing the heroes to discern the answers for themselves, & thereby become more independent. Despite the fact that his riddles often vex them, they value all his aid.

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