King Neo Descal (ネオデスカル Neo Desukaru?): Neo Descal's ruler, he sent Garade and Grouza to the past to ensure the Neo Descal fleet's existence. But due to their failures, he personally travelled back in time to ensure a future of darkness. Instead of using the Cosmo Capsules to plunge the world into darkness as history dictated, he planned on constructing a massive machine on the Moon called the Dark-Alumer (Dark Armor in Filipno dubbed version) to accomplish this task. He transformed into Black Lio to battle against Lio-Sazer inside the giant monster. He was defeated by Lio-Sazer but however his memory was still alive. Lio-Sazer, Eagle-Sazer, Beetle-Sazer, and Blaird destroyed the inside part of the monster (Neo Descal's memory) while Remy piloted Great Lio to use the finishing move "Howling Crush" to destroy Neo Descal's monster to make darkness disappear.

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