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Kure Kure Takora (クレクレタコラ unofficial translation: "Gimme Gimme Octopus) is a tokusatsu children's comedy show from Japan. Produced by Toho Company Ltd., the show ran a total of 260 episodes, and aired on Fuji TV from October 1, 1973 to September 27, 1974. Kure Kure Takora—the main character of the show wants everything he sees and says "Kure! Kure! (I want it! I want it!)" all the time. Each epsisode ran exactly 2 minutes and 41 seconds.

However, episodes 223, 252 and 255 never aired. The show was eventually rebroadcast over CS digital satellite television, with the exception of episode 220, which was omitted because Takora is repeatedly referred to by his neighbors as "crazy"—which was thought to be verbally abusive towards the mentally ill—as he goes on a violent rampage. Laserdisc and VHS versions of the show have been released. Currently only the DVD version (which includes episode 220) is available in the Japanese market.


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Kure Kure Takora: Kure Kure Takora is a red octopus. He uses a type of Ninjitsu where he can transform anything from a dopey iguana to a vacuum cleaner to a guitar. His best friend is the weak-willed peanut-inspired Chonbo. While he has friends, he seems to have no problems leaving them for dead if he has to make a fast getaway. Like all other characters in the show, Kure Kure is in love with the fickle pink walrus Monro. His greatest fear is being soaked with vinegar & being served as Sudako (pickled octopus).

Chonbo: Kure Kure Takora's best friend & toadie, is a squash-humanoid of the genus cucurbita, who is able to cough up coins for vending machines at will. Although he is complicit in many of Kure Kure's crazy schemes, he's just as often on the receiving end of Kure Kure's abuse. Chonbo is often seen somersaulting & tumbling.

To Ro Ro is a short jellyfish who squawks like a dolphin. He is able to spray vinegar out of the top of his head via a sprinkler. Kure Kure often attempts to neutralize this super power—since Kure Kure is afraid of vinegar—by throwing hats on To Ro Ro's head. To Ro Ro can turn invisible & teleport at will & is an even a bigger trouble-maker than Kure Kure Takora. Most of the other characters are frightened of him.

Monro is a pink walrus with a breathy voice & sexy theme music that all the other male characters pursue. She often demands unreasonable things from her suitors only to lose interest in them. She has been romantically involved with every creature—even the repellent sea cucumber gang—on the show.

Debura is a rotund badger who is often seen chewing on the stub of a cigar, this tough cop runs the local jail. He's the only character who wears clothes.

Biragon: A dumb, slow-witted iguana, he is extremely lazy & spends most of his time sleeping. He may also be the richest character on the show as he often has a new gadget or toy that is coveted by Kure Kure.

The Sea Cucumber Gang: This trio has their own theme song which they occasionally break in to. It is believed they represent anger (Ikari), happiness (Hera Hera), & sadness (Shiku Shiku). The Sea Cucumber Gang are on the very bottom of the hierarchy of the characters, & poor Shiku Shiku gets picked on the most!


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