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Kyoudai Ken Byclosser (兄弟拳バイクロッサー, Kyōdai Ken Baikurossā, "Brother Fist Byclosser") is a serial Tokusatsu made by Shotaro Ishinomori and Toei Company. Series consisting of 34 episodes is a result of production with Nippon Television, and aired in Japan began on 10 January 1985 until September 26 the same year.

On April 6, 2020, the show became one of the 70 shows on the Toei Tokusatsu World Youtube channel to be streamed in the west.


Here dual new super heroes have come into the world. They are brothers who shall be called Byclossers. They live with their parents in residential quarters in the suburbs of the metropolis. The older brother Ken is in the Engineering Department of a certain university, and spends his time producing elaborate plastic models. The younger brother Ginjiro is a senior high school student who is a mania for personal computers. They are just ordinary boys who are under the thumb of their affectionate mother Katsuko. But, once they encounter the powerful enemy, the secret organization Dester, they metamorphose into the Byclossers and get into their machines to counterattack the enemy performing magnificent acrobatic action. These two machines that come on are of a new type without precedent. The machines dock with the motorcycles and go into action. The coalesced machines are capable of turning into undulatory cannons that have fearfull destructive power whenever necessary. The Cyborg Corps is also forceful enough to match with the twosome new heroes or Byclossers and perform hard action.



Byclosser Ken Ken Mizuno
Byclosser Gin Ginjiro Mizuno


  • Akemi Takeda
  • Daikichi Takeda
  • Katsuko Mizuno
  • Kosuke Mizuno


  • Devil Gola
    • Devil Golazonger
    • Brizonger
  • Doctor Q
  • Sylvia
  • Rita
  • Blackmen
  • Dester Robo
    • Onigan
    • Jeronimo
    • Betobetoman
    • Kibakiller
    • Ootengu
    • Blinder
    • Magnum
    • Draculos
    • Okaruda
    • Tankbomb
    • Togebara
    • Batolar
    • Spraygon
    • Boulder
    • Katchu Knight
    • Robindar
    • Cockler
    • Genshidar
    • Rimogiller
    • Focusman
    • Lightning Oni
    • Timler
    • Green Dah
    • Meat Plant Dracure
    • Eagle
    • Ben Kyoda
    • Hayakuman
    • Isaagon
    • Koblion
    • Hercules
    • Hercules II
    • Shishbuckler
    • Fudevacon
    • Ring Goku
    • Cobra Missile
    • Brizonger
  • To be added


  • Ken Mizuno / Byclosser Ken: Tetsu Kaneko
  • Ginjiro Mizuno / Byclosser Gin: Ayumi Tsuchiya
  • Akemi Takeda: Keiko Sawachika
  • Katsuko Mizuno: Machiko Naka
  • Kosuke Mizuno: Shoji Nomura
  • Daikichi Takeda: Gozo Soma
  • Doctor Q: Kenji Ushio
  • Sylvia: Midori Takahashi
  • Rita: Keiko Hata
  • Guardian Pegasus: Reiko Seno
  • Majin Golazonger: Ritsuo Sawa


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