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Poitrine Title
La Belle Fille Masquée Poitrine
Number 11
Number of episodes: 51
First episode: A Gift from Kami-sama
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Original airing: January 7, 1990 - December 30, 1990
Magical Chinese Girl Ipanema!
Mysterious Nile Girl Thutmose

La Belle Fille Masquée Poitrine (美少女仮面ポワトリン Bishōjo Kamen Powatorin) or Masked Beauty Patrine is the 11th entry in the Toei Fushigi Comedy Series created by Shotaro Ishinomori and the only entry where the main protagonist is recognized as an official Toei superhero.

In 2020, Poitirne was officially released for streaming as one of the 70 shows featured on the Toei Tokusatsu World Youtube channel.


It's the first day of the new school year and the Murakami kids, Yuko and Takuto, are excited to be heading back and to catch up with their friends. While Takuto makes it to school, Yuko stops by a shrine that doesn’t get too many visitors these days to pray for the new school year. At the shrine Yuko accidentally breaks the bell and drops it on top of a kami's head. Because she is the only person that stopped by the shrine in a long time, he grants her the power to become a superheroine, based on another ancient deity. It is her job to protect her neighborhood from the threats it faces. With the transformation phrase "Cosmo Magic! Métamorphose!!" (コスモ・マジック! メタモルフォーゼ!! Kosumo Majikku! Metamorufōze!!) she transforms into the Masked Belle Poitrine. Later she gets an ally in Poitrine Petite, in reality her little sister Momoko.


  • Yuko Murakami (村上 ユウコ Murakami Yuko)/Poitrine (ポワトリン Powatorin): The heroine of the series. Cheerful and optimistic, with a strong sense of justice. The eldest daughter of the Murakami household, with two younger brother and sister. She's a high school sophomore. She transforms into Poitrine to fight the monsters that infest her neighborhood. If her identity is revealed she will turn into a frog.
  • Momoko Murakami (村上 モモコ Murakami Momoko)/Poitrine Petite (ポワトリンプティット Powatorin Putitto): Yuko's sister, and the youngest of the siblings. After the invasion of the Dark Emperor Diable, Kami-sama gave Momoko a supporting role to Poitrine as Poitrine Petite. Though Poitrine Petite fights alongside Poitrine, they have a rivalry. She and Yuko do not know each other's identity which is subject to punishment if they were to find out.
  • Takuto Murakami (村上 タクト Murakami Takuto): Yuko's brother. Longs to embrace Poitrine. Becomes a leader by creating a "Poitrine club" with friends Kazuya, Shinsuke and Kenji.
  • Hayato Murakami (村上 ハヤト Murakami Hayato): The Murakami family's father.
  • Noriko Murakami (村上 ノリコ Murakami Noriko): The Murakami family's mother.
  • Inspector Ritsuko Honda (本田 律子警部 Honda Ritsuko Keibu): Shrewd detective working for the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department Nishihonmachi station. She wishes to arrest Poitrine.
  • Kazuya Honda (本田 カズヤ Honda Kazuya): One of Takuto's friends who is very skinny, and is skilled at various sports. His mother is Inspector Honda.
  • Shinsuke Takeuchi (竹内 シンスケ Takeuchi Shinsuke): One of Takuto's friends who is chubby. He makes up new weapons for the Poitrine Club. His mother works as a pharmacist.
  • Kenji Shibuya (渋谷 ケンジ Shibuya Kenji): One of Takuto's friends who wears large round glasses who is the smartest in the Poitrine Club. His parents own a tonkatsu shop.
  • Kami-sama (神様): The deity for the neighborhood shrine. He has been the guardian of Yuko's town for a while, but he has also had a sinus infection. He needs to remedy with a trip to the hot springs in Italy. He gives Yuko the ability to transform, who visited the shrine by chance.
  • Diable (ディアブル Diaburu): The dark emperor. Plots to control Japan and conquer the world. "diable" is the French word for "devil".



  1. A Gift from Kami-sama (神様の贈り物 Kami-sama no okurimono)
  2. The Capable Female Officer from the Metropolitan Police (警視庁の女敏腕刑事 Keishichō no jo binwan keiji)
  3. The Secret of the Cram School (進学塾の秘密 Shingakujuku no himitsu)
  4. The Ghost of Napoleon (ナポレオンの亡霊 Naporeon no bōrei)
  5. The Criminal Dr. Boo (犯罪者ドクター・ブー Hanzai sha Dokutā Bū)
  6. The Pure and Righteous Old Lady with a Hair Trimmer (清く正しいバリカン婆々 Kiyoku tadashī barikan baba)
  7. I'm Not an Idol... (アイドルじゃない・・・  Aidoru ja nai... )
  8. Conspiracy of a Certain Parliament Member (ある代議士の陰謀 Aru daigishi no inbō)
  9. The Star with a Seven-Colored Voice (七色の声のスター Nana shoku no koe no sutā)
  10. Search for the Edison's Band! (エジソンバンドを探せ! Ejisonbando o sagase!)
  11. The Terrifying Spinning Mill (ザ・恐怖の紡績工場 Za kyōfu no bōseki kōjō)
  12. The President's Son (大統領の息子 Daitōryō no musuko)
  13. The Secret Counterfeit Money Factory (秘密のニセ札工場 Himitsu no nise satsu kōjō)
  14. The Mysterious Whistle (不思議な呼び笛 Fushigi na yobifue)
  15. Professor Alright's Arrival in Japan (ダイジョーブ博士の来日 Daijōbu hakase no rainichi)
  16. The Guardian Spirit of the Arai Family (新井家の守護霊 Arai-ka no shugorei)
  17. The Missing Streamer (消えた鯉のぼり Kieta koinobori)
  18. The Gentle Fugitive (優しい脱獄囚 Yasashī datsugoku shū)
  19. The Tearful New Weapon (涙の新兵器 Namida no shin heiki)
  20. Kami-sama's Music Box (神様のオルゴール Kamisama no orugōru)
  21. The Psychic Likes Ghosts?! (超能力者はお化けが好き? Chōnōryokusha wa obake ga suki?)
  22. The Prince of Aparella (アパレラ公国の王子 Aparera kōkoku no ōji)
  23. Noriko's Day as Inspector Honda (ノリコの一日本田警部 Noriko no ichi nichi honda keibu)
  24. General Schmidt's Store (シュミット将軍の店 Shumitto shōgun no mise)
  25. The Tenpura Store Owner's Town Revitalization Plan (てんぷら屋さんの町おこし Tenpura Ya-san no machi okoshi)
  26. Give Me Back My Energy (私のエネルギーを返して Watashi no enerugī o kaeshite)
  27. The Grieving Ghost's Repellent Burner (哀愁の幽霊蚊取り線香 Aishū no yūrei katorisenkō)
  28. Apollo's Warrior's Lover (アポロンの戦士の恋人 Aporon no senshi no koibito)
  29. Diable's Ambition (ディアブルの野望 Diaburu no yabō)
  30. Diable's Ambition II (ディアブルの野望Ⅱ Diaburu no yabō Ⅱ)
  31. Resentment for the Watermelon-Breaking Competition (スイカ割り大会の恨み Suika-wari taikai no urami)
  32. Study-kun, the Thief of Summer Break Homeworks (夏休みの宿題強盗・勉強くん Natsuyasumi no shukudai gōtō: Benkyō-kun)
  33. Available to Public? A Collection of Famous Love Scenes (一挙公開?愛ある限り名場面集 Ikkyo kōkai? Ai aru kagiri meibamen shū)
  34. The Well-Respected Pork Cutlet Bun (尊敬されたカツパン Sonkei sareta katsupan)
  35. Princess Kaguya's Treasure (かぐや姫の宝 Kaguya-hime no takara)
  36. The Mystery of the Higan Rider (お彼岸ライダーの謎 O-higan raidā no nazo)
  37. The Crime of the Unhappy Prince (ふしあわせ王子の犯罪 Fushi awase ōji no hanzai)
  38. I Am a Lethal Weapon (ぼくはリーサルウェポン Boku wa rīsaruwepon)
  39. That One Plan from Inspector Honda (本田警部のある作戦 Honda keibu no aru sakusen)
  40. The Good Luck Charm Professor's Goods (おまじない博士のグッズ Omajinai hakase no guzzu)
  41. I'm Afraid of Cavities... (虫歯が恐い・・・ Mushiba ga kowai... )
  42. The Refined Alien (風流な宇宙人 Fūryū na uchū-jin)
  43. The Beloved Lord Yoshitsune (愛しの義経さま Itoshi no Yoshitsune-sama)
  44. Takuto's Naïveté (タクトの甘え Takuto no amae)
  45. Yamamoto Hates his Education Mom (ヤマモトは教育ママが嫌い Yamamoto wa kyōiku mama ga kirai)
  46. The Lie About the Winter Constellation (冬の星座の嘘 Fuyu no seiza no uso)
  47. Hanasaka Jii-san's Treasure (花咲か爺さんの宝 Hanasaka Jīsan no takara)
  48. Disaster in Christmas (クリスマスの悲劇 Kurisumasu no higeki)
  49. Happiness in New Year's Eve (大晦日の幸福 Ōmisoka no kōfuku)


  • Most people unfamiliar with Poitrine often think the series is a knock-off of Sailor Moon. In reality, Poitrine came out two years before the Sailor Moon manga made its debut in Japan.
  • This is Shotaro Ishinomori's 2nd show involving the Magical Girl Genre, the first was a short lived anime called Sarutobi Ecchan.
  • Shigeru Saiki, who played Hayato Murakami, would later play Morio Makino in GoGo Sentai Boukenger

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